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The official narrative has now undergone a further drastic delusionary change.
declares that the Philippines would have achieved the level of success of Singapore had his father not been ousted from power, he wants Filipinos to stand on their heads when reading country statistics during his father's rule, so that the descent from top to bottom would transform into a delusionary ascent from bottom to top.
There are certainly circumstances more favorabl than others but waiting for the green light from others is delusionary.
The Know-Nothings took their exclusionary, not to say delusionary, notions into the electoral area and founded the American Party.
First, the Indian security establishment finds itself in a quandary, mainly because of delusionary thinking.
Our experiences may be so perceptually limited and limiting--not only individually but together--that we find them to be both distracting and delusionary.
If you are mad, it is normal to be illusionary or delusionary like the cyborg woman.
I suppose it exposes my chronic eupepsia or delusionary optimism but the looking backward occasioned by this first--and probably last--collection of mine has been the source of thankfulness rather than rueful moping.
ANDY McDonald's comment's 'Cameron is biggest Tory PM failure' (Letters, April 27) are delusionary.
In the run-up to the March 2015 elections, the Israeli electorate was disenfranchised when their prime minister played musical chairs with kindred far-right parties to the tune of primal and delusionary political and racial obscenities.
The "green rock" article detailed how delusionary geoengineering is.
These fleeting visions of the transient natural world constitute momentary interruptions of Edna's delusionary inner life: the disjunctive modes of seeing, one phenomenological and the other abstract and cerebral, help structure a story in which much of the represented world is invisible because of Edna's dominating consciousness.
And, yes, the latter does remind you of Kermit Gosnell's similar delusionary argument.
And it should be clear that happiness for Barber in particular is more than a psychological state; Barber, like Socrates, would surely argue that it is delusionary to believe that one can be truly happy if one is committed to a life that rejects the importance of the "public good.