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Synonyms for deluge

Synonyms for deluge

an abundant, usually overwhelming flow or fall, as of a river or rain

to affect as if by an outpouring of water

Synonyms for deluge

the rising of a body of water and its overflowing onto normally dry land

fill quickly beyond capacity

charge someone with too many tasks

fill or cover completely, usually with water

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* CEF of 9.8 at inlet temperature (1979a) difference (ITD) = 5[degrees]C (9[degrees]F); lowest CEF of 1.4 at ITD = 14[degrees]C (25.2[degrees]F) * Heat and mass transfer analogy based model to predict deluged finned HX capacity Kreid et al.
It seems to me that, especially recently, we have been deluged with books about this subject, and as a person who normally prefers other kinds of history, I avoid the "chaps and maps" books with nearly the same enthusiasm that I do Tom Clancy.
Glinda Rutledge, a verification officer in the Registrar's Office, said that since the scandal broke she has been deluged with calls for verification of degrees.
Every day businesses are deluged with a flood of information from a variety of media sources.
To access deluged descriptions of the products listed below, go to, click on the Solutions!
While personal e-mail accounts often are deluged with spare, however, most unsolicited commercial messages don't reach work-based e-mail accounts.
AFTER YEAR5 OF inattention, the moon will soon be deluged with mechanical visitors from Earth.
In a letter to customers, New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance said it is being deluged with policy requests because several insurance companies have discontinued or reduced service in the state.
The Miller amendment was considered a "done deal," until parents deluged Congress with an unprecedented outpouring of faxes, phone calls, and letters in opposition.
Since the disco opened, owner Rafal Waliczek says he has been deluged with criticism and harassed by plainclothes police officers.