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a low triangular area of alluvial deposits where a river divides before entering a larger body of water

an object shaped like an equilateral triangle

the 4th letter of the Greek alphabet

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The university spokesman informed on Monday that the workshop was jointly organized by Centre for Coastal and Deltaic Studies University of Sindh Campus Thatta and Centre for Pure and Applied Geology, University of Sindh, Jamshoro in collaboration with Federal Urdu University for Art, Science and Technology Karachi and Geo Hiking Club Islamabad which concluded yesterday.
He urged that it is right not only of people residing in this region but it is the fact throughout the globe that the biodiversity of deltaic regions should be protected.
Fateh Mohammad Burfat, Vice-Chancellor, University of Sindh in his presidential remarks admired the efforts of administrations of Centre for Coastal and Deltaic Studies, University of Sindh Campus Thatta and Federation Handicap International for joint ventures and organizing this historical event.
The Lower Depuch reservoir is typically of excellent quality, with porosities averaging around 30% and consists of hundreds of metres of thick deltaic sandstones.
In addition the paper deals to address the reliability of depositional settings of the Tredian Formation, previously considered as a prograding deltaic system (Iqbal et al.
0 m and, that the mangrove/estuarine or deltaic depositional environment is more predominant from 2.
terror activities in the deltaic mangrove swamp, much in the line of coastal security drills introduced in Maharashtra after the 26/ 11 terror strike.
Specimen assemblages variously composed of freshwater, freshwater-tolerant, brackish, and marine taxa indicate mixing on a floodplain with limited sediment accumulation through deltaic progradation or river avulsion as, in part, envisaged by Ludvigson and Witzke (14).
Most of the hydrocarbons in CPI's area are reservoired in deltaic sandstones contained in anticlinal structures (see the background in omt11IndnsFieldsMar14-11).
com Deltaic Island Bakkhali Cycling through beautiful deltaic island townships What: A beautiful and charming seaside town in the South 24 Parganas district, the town is located at the fringes of the Gangetic delta and also has historical ruins.
Ecological degradation is increasing in deltaic plains.
The Monteith Formation is a silica-cemented, fine- to medium- to coarse-grained, sub-angular to subrounded, 95 percent quartz arenite of deltaic origin (Hickin and others, 2010).
Once rich, deltaic communities are now impoverished by ill conceived water development.
According to a study conducted by the National Institute of Oceanography, creek network in the Indus deltaic region, extending over 70km along the Arabian Sea, can alone generate 900MW tidal power.
Subjects addressed include: basic principles, basic sedimentary rock properties, geologic time and stratigraphy, tools and techniques for characterizing oil and gas reservoirs, geologic controls on reservoir quality, fluvial and deltaic deposits and reservoirs, deepwater deposits and reservoirs, unconventional reservoir shales, and geologic and engineering modeling.