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an airplane with wings that give it the appearance of an isosceles triangle

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be held on Saturday, 26, at Airport, Stratfordon- ELO Dave are for the support tracks album, Dave delta- "The delta-winged Vulcan is one of the most iconic aircraft ever flown.
The ideas behind that original aircraft can still be seen today in current delta-winged space aircraft such as Virgin Galactic's SPACESHIPTWO, XCOR's Lynx Mk.III as well as early designs for the US Space Shuttle.
The world's first delta-winged bomber to reach operational service, the Avro Vulcan was one of the cornerstones of Britain's nuclear deterrent during the height of the Cold War.
As the October 31 deadline approached, volunteers at the Hinckley headquarters of the Vulcan To The Sky Trust, which restored and now operates the iconic delta-winged jet, were opening envelopes containing up to pounds 30,000 a day.
Avro Vulcan XH558, the last flying example of the famous delta-winged cold war icon, made its 2009 air show debut last weekend, after GBP 500,000 (USD 820,000) was raised to prevent the aircraft being permanently grounded.
The final production model of this delta-winged nuclear bomber had a crew of five and a maximum gross takeoff weight of 204,000 pounds.
Production had barely started, and there were few of these supersonic, delta-winged wonders in the inventory.
The last flight of the XB-70 occurred in February 1969 when the delta-winged bomber arrived at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, to become part of the Air Force Museum's permanent collection.
When the last of BA's delta-winged aircraft's wheels smoothly made contact with the runway, air traffic control beamed out the message: "The eagles have landed, welcome home."
The first delta-winged jet, the experimental Avro 707, first flew in September 1949; but the format that seemed so thrillingly advanced in its day is now outmoded, and the delta-winged Concordes that at the time of writing are still the only supersonic passenger aircraft operating on scheduled flights are in fact an ageing anachronism.
After the war, the Dambusters were equipped with the giant delta-winged Vulcan bombers which were able to deliver both conventional and nuclear bombs.
For the futuristic delta-winged craft is said to be the perfect paper plane and instructions on how to construct it in 10 simple stages were published online yesterday by the Institute of Physics.