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the normal brainwave in the encephalogram of a person in deep dreamless sleep

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Zheng, "Simple waves and pressure delta waves for a Chaplygin gas in two-dimensions," Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems--Series A, vol.
This can be related to the phenomenon of loss of alpha activity and prominence of delta waves found in encephalopathy.
Post-operative course was favourable and subsequent ECG revealed disappearance of delta wave.
The predictive accuracy for Arruda algorithm based on delta wave was found to be significantly higher as compared to Taguchi algorit hm based on R/S ratio (p 0.01).
The patient opted for ablation therapy, which successfully eliminated the delta wave on EKG.
Although the ECG mimics RBBB, a more careful inspection of the baseline ECG indeed reveals a small delta wave and relatively short PR interval.
For all the phases of [f.sub.1], [f.sub.2], and [f.sub.3], Alpha waves ([B.sub.1]) are decreased significantly and transferred into Theta wave ([B.sub.3]) and Delta wave ([B.sub.4]) standing for the slights sleeping status.
A Delta wave soldering machine equipped with a spray nozzle fluxer, three bottom side preheaters, and nitrogen was used.
Whereas delta wave brain activity seems to be modulated by the cholinergic transmitter system, theta brain activity is related to the neurotransmitter, noradrenaline.
A team at the University of Illinois (Chicago) has zeroed in on a negative slow wave (Delta wave), isolating it as an event related potential with the ability to pop up 150 to 500 milliseconds before a particular playing card (with which it was previously associated) is applied, indicating that human subjects may be able to anticipate or prognosticate that about which they are about to see when in fact they have no way of knowing what image, color or other indica will be shown to them.
The presence of signs of preexcitation on resting ECG (a "delta wave") in a patient with history of paroxysmal regular palpitations suggests AVRT.
The P-R interval will be less than 0.12 seconds and the QRS complex contains an initial slur called the delta wave that broadens the complex.
Additional data: EKG was done revealing normal sinus rhythm with no evidence of ectopic activity, pre-excitation, or delta wave. Echocardiogram shows all the valves, chambers, and great vessels to be normal.
Adrija Puharich of Stanford Research Institute (now called SRI International) wrote in a book that when Uri Geller was bending a spoon, under the watchful eyes of scientists at SRI, his brain was registering the delta wave, which ranges from almost zero to four cycles per second.