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a low triangular area of alluvial deposits where a river divides before entering a larger body of water

an object shaped like an equilateral triangle

the 4th letter of the Greek alphabet

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Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines should merge and combine their networks when they emerge from bankruptcy protection, according to AirGuide reports.
Woodruff adds to this understanding with an insightful analysis of the ways African Americans in the Delta took advantage of war related economic opportunities to increase their quality of life.
By the time Mullin took the helm at Delta in August 1997, the other major U.
In creating Delta Vision, the Governor clearly stated its purpose: to provide a sustainable management program for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay Delta, a unique natural resource of local, state, and national significance.
Delta Air Lines should "consider methodically, proactively and fairly strategic alternatives to its standalone Chapter 11 plan," a group of "unofficial" unsecured creditors said last week in a statement.
The revolutionary foil design of the Delta I also allows the turbine to transfer from a predominately drag mode, into a nearly pure lift mode, resulting in a nearly instantaneous surge in power output of four fold in winds of 4-5 m/s.
The PPIC report is a helpful, innovative resource document in the complex but necessary struggle to revitalize the Delta for the 21st Century," said Department of Water Resources Lester Snow.
US Airways in November proposed a deal to buy Delta, which is restructuring under the Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection process and still plans to emerge next year as a stand-alone airline.
The new Delta Credit Facility will be used in part to pay down approximately $38MM in inter-company debt now owed by Delta to Volt.
Chief executives of Delta Air Lines and US Airways pressed Congress on Wednesday on their opposing views on merging their companies, congressional officials said.
Delta Air Lines (Other OTC: DALRQ) offers customers service to more destinations than any global airline with Delta and Delta Connection carrier service to 291 destinations in 46 countries.
Delta Air Lines's pilots may offer stiff opposition to the US plan, with Moak telling fellow pilots that US Airways executives "alarmingly" may seek "to lengthen Delta's time in bankruptcy to try to accomplish their goals while providing no incremental job security to the Delta pilots.
Delivered in coordination with marketing leader mForce Communications, the new Delta SkyMiles Wireless program provides SkyMiles members with a secure online storefront to help them find the calling plans and wireless devices that best solve their particular needs, including a full suite of popular wireless phones, PDAs, smartphones and wireless air cards.
US Airways' proposed merger with Delta is adding another layer of ambiguity to the regional industry as the regional framework of the combined carrier remains up in the air until due diligence starts on the deal.
By transferring manufacturing and sale rights of transceivers to Delta, BroadLight can focus on delivering highly-integrated PON controllers that are first-to-market, cost-reduced and performance enhanced," said Dror Heldenberg, CFO of BroadLight.