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The account of this delousing campaign in air-raid shelters and other places in Naples has been reported (35-37).
The naval equivalent of "delousing" a friendly vessel being pursued might involve laying a minefield across the path of the pursuing ship or submarine.
Undressing as if for delousing was also a ruse to keep people from rioting.
Others have celebrated motherhood: in her book, "Lean In", Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook's chief operating officer, writes about delousing her children aboard a corporate jet.
I did not realize what was happening until my own delousing had happened and I saw her move on to the passengers in front of us.
"The Germans herded us through scalding delousing showers.
"We hope that adults will also come and explore but it is specifically for people of school age." The system includes a frontline trench, an officer's dug-out and a delousing area.
However, according to the author, Villa's attack on Columbus was interpreted by locals in El Paso as retaliation for the death of 25 Mexican prisoners in Eagle Pass, Texas when they were killed in a fire as a result of delousing to prevent typhus.
Pleasing and exhilarating contagious social laughter "fosters closeness in a group the way one-on-one grooming, patting and delousing promote and maintain bonds between individual primates of all sorts," Gorman notes, explaining Dunbar's thought.
Also they suffer humiliation in a "delousing" program that requires them to stand naked and be sprayed by pesticides.
A pretrial detainee who was strip searched and deloused brought a class action against a regional jail authority, challenging its strip search and delousing policies.
In the 1940s, USDA scientists at the Orlando lab, which was later moved to Gainesville and eventually became a part of CMAVE, developed delousing techniques that prevented millions of cases of louse-borne typhus, a disease with a high death rate and no effective treatment at that time.
Following disasters and population displacements, epidemics of louse-borne typhus have been curtailed by delousing with lindane powder, washing clothes in hot water, and applying 1% permethrin powder to bedding and the inner and outer seams of clothing at six-week intervals.