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free of lice

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But since this element has become vital to the delouse objective for meeting transportability, maneuverability and survival requirements, a titanium initiative was launched by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to produce non-melted titanium billet at less than $9/kg.
The Uros were so abjectly poor and dirty that, to emphasize their scorn and force them to delouse themselves, the Incas only exacted from them a tribute of lice.
Here was a man who wrote that industry must "break it up," delegate, decentralize and, if necessary, "delouse the central staff," yet virtually approved every word of advertisements for his company, Johnson & Johnson.
That is the spurious secret he will patiently, persistently, expose; the empty conceit he will adamantly (if imperfectly) debunk; the stinking blanket explanation he will air and delouse. Clan is merely another MacGuffin, to which neither this novel nor Somalia "boils down."4
(5) He argues that the resulting segments con-, de-, in-, per-, re-; -ceive, -sist, -duce do not have any meaning and therefore lack sign status, in contradistinction to formations such as delouse, co-author, perchloride, rewrite, etc., where de-, co-, per-, re- do have meaning.
The unit at the time was based in Penarth Road, next to the mortuary, where we were told they would pull a tramp in occasionally, and delouse, scrub with carbolic soap, be given new clothes and sent on his way rejoicing.
26: As the moon wanes, worm your goats, wash, delouse, shave, trim hooves and clip around udders all at the same time (well, at least in sequence).
Once the troops were in their billets in their assigned divisions' sectors, the medics started a massive campaign to delouse the troops and free the command of vermin.
The third and best goal of the game came when a flowing passing move from the back, through midfield and into the heart of the Park defence, finished with Al Delouse firing into the open net.