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remove from the proper or usual locality

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2, the frontier orbitals of SDPP-PPV and SDPP-PPE are all delocalized I orbitals.
Our simulations indicate that interfacial electronic states are modulated by C=C bond stretching motions and that such motions induce avoided crossings between nearby excited states thereby facilitating transitions from localized excitonic configurations to delocalized charge-separated configurations on an ultrafast time-scale.
The presence of chlorine in molecules 3 and 4 polarizes some SD towards itself, leading to a more delocalized SD distribution.
The neutron scattering and computational chemistry experiments showed that, in the tunneling state, the water molecules are delocalized around a ring so the water molecule assumes an unusual double top-like shape.
A crucial problem of the Polish linear market (traditional distributed channels) of audiovisual media services in the past few years seems to be activity (scale, range, and character) of the so-called delocalized channels.
A delocalized packet of an atom incident on a surface will give both a location and a time.
We have prepared semibullvalenes 2a and 3 and investigated the nature of their ground states (localized or delocalized homoaromatic) by a variety of experimental techniques including a modified Saunders' isotopic perturbation method.
He considers Agee's commentary on the literary genres through which poverty in America is represented, Kerouac's delocalized America experienced on the highway, Kingston's examination of 1960s migrations to San Francisco and how a generation misread Kerouac, and the global resonances of Russell Banks' regional fiction.
In the United States, the plastics industry is on the verge of a robust turnaround, with new applications for plastics and delocalized jobs coming back."
Marzoli will present machines with quality performance and more advanced production, versatile machines able to work different types of fibers, excellent quality/price ratio and after-sales delocalized.
Part 1 explains short-range interactions typical of localized or delocalized chemical bonds in molecules or solids.
The scientists discovered that excitons in their rubrene crystals behaved more like the excitons observed in inorganic crystals - a delocalized form known as Wannier-Mott, or WM, excitons.
In addition, the reviewer states that" the work draws heavily upon a delocalized feminist theory (3).
Fenton concludes the introduction with some remarks comparing early modern ideas about place with postmodern culture's more global, delocalized ideas of place.
DELOCALIZATION: Due to a non-zero [C.sub.s] value, electrons from one point of an object are not imaged into a single point, but rather into a small disk smearing out the information (the information is no longer "localized" but "delocalized").