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remove from the proper or usual locality

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She cited Regulation 70(8) of the code of regulation for teachers, which states that "In undertaking deployment, the Commission shall endeavour to delocalize the administration of public institutions."The code of regulations and code of conduct and ethics for teachers shall form an integral part of this Agreement (CBA).
Each body will tend to delocalize both radially and in location.
Since 1995 ARCSA has been instrumental in driving this message home by hosting a series of meetings, the results of which have been, firstly, to bring rhetoricians out of their home departments; and, secondly, to delocalize rhetoric and bring colleagues from the wider Sub-Saharan region to ARCSA.
We believe this is important because current endeavors to delocalize activities of ECOWAS, using the media as key instruments would be further enhanced if the local media here is brought onboard as partners.
It is might be due to that the 4, 5, 9, and 10 compounds have N-N azo group which favors to delocalize the charge on itself and its neighboring pyrazole.