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remove from the proper or usual locality

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At the hearing in the Committee on the Internal Market (IMCO), on 29 May, Matteo Salvini (EFD, Italy) asked: "Are we working to further the interests of European manufacturers and consumers or for those delocalising to Bangladesh or Pakistan?"
"We hope this will renew teacher commitments and breathe freshness within schools."POLICY OPPOSEDbrShe asked all stakeholders to support the process and asked those affected to move to their new stations as advised as the transfers were in tandem with regulations for teachers, particularly about "delocalising the administration of public schools".
Moreover, Swiss bank clients who are in the mid-range of fortunes and will not have the possibility of delocalising to Singapore, for instance, might therefore been seen as prisoners of the system.
These applications confirm a general trend towards delocalising production for mobile phones and accessories, mostly to Asia.