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As can be seen in the photo, the snake emerged from a beverage container and began probing the footboard of the scooter, in a precarious position where, if agitated, it could easily bite the deliveryman's leg.
When the deliveryman returned, the horse moved to the next stop.
Apizza deliveryman is shot dead in south-east London - and it's not because he forgot the garlic bread.
The deliveryman then reportedly went out and looked for a police officer in order to report the incident.
Dubai: A student lost his appeal and will be jailed for six months for assaulting a deliveryman and setting his motorbike on fire after the latter nearly knocked him down while performing stunts.
Prosecutors said that the motorist, angered by the move, followed the Bangladeshi deliveryman, before pulling in front of him, forcing him to stop.
e Chelmsley Wood mumof-three said: "A bogus deliveryman got me in a chokehold and threatened to stab me before ripping gold jewellery from my neck.
When the deliveryman arrives, the woman would pick up the order in a dark spot within a residential area to conceal her identity and prevent the latter from checking the note, and take back real currency notes."
Delivery in two days, the site promised, and sure enough two days later I received a phone call from a deliveryman who was somewhere in GE[micro]reme but was having no success in finding me.
Bell III, a Washington Post deliveryman, has been accused of stealing nearly S100,000 in mail from residents of a gated-community in northern Virginia.
Alexis had worked for three years as a deliveryman and waiter at the Happy Bowl Thai restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas, and paid regular visits to Wat Busaya Dhammavanaram Meditation Center, the New York Post reports.
WARREN - A local man armed with a large black tomahawk and a crossbow threatened his parents, the police and, earlier in the evening, a pizza deliveryman, all over a $3 order of french fries.
A much-publicised video explains how the condom deliveryman will arrive at your doorstep in disguise, dressed maybe as a pizza delivery man, a police officer or someone asking for directions.
The deliveryman will arrive in disguise, dressed maybe as a pizza delivery man or any other sales/service person, said the company.
A deliveryman who agreed to provide two cylinders at the rate of ` 1,200 said, " We get these cylinders either from consumers or godowns.