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Presiding judge Saeed Salem Bin Sarm also confirmed a Dh3,000 fine that the defendant has to pay for punching the deliveryman, A.
The deliveryman was taken to Rashid Hospital to be treated for facial injuries.
The deliveryman seemed to have disappeared with my parcel into some GE[micro]reme version of the Bermuda Triangle midway between the center and my house.
A 25-year-old deliveryman from Des Pizza in West Warren said that Mr.
A deliveryman who agreed to provide two cylinders at the rate of ` 1,200 said, " We get these cylinders either from consumers or godowns.
The spots imagine what it would be like if Eli Manning had ordinary jobs, as a pizza deliveryman or a children's entertainer.
A THIEF drove off in a milk float while the deliveryman was standing on a doorstep.
In Harrison, a furniture deliveryman attacked a customer while in the customer's apartment.
The man followed the deliveryman through a service door and into the back of the Mount Pleasant Pub in Hinckley Road, Walsgrave, last Friday, just before 8am.
A BAHRAINI has denied attacking a deliveryman and stealing his motorbike.
The night went to pizza deliveryman Jamie Pugh who said: "My biggest fear is when I got on the stage I totally freeze.
The police arrested temp worker Masahito Sawamura, 23, for attacking a 53-year-old cab driver with a box cutter in Neyagawa and Haruki Kyo, 24, a newspaper deliveryman, over a knife attack on a 33-year-old driver in Takatsuki.
Wayne, New Jersey) presents a compilation of 27 interviews conducted with Asian Americans from a range of occupations--students, politicians, a lawyer, an educator, a photographer, musicians, a corporate professional, an engineer, a restaurant owner, a deliveryman, and a law enforcement officer--which reveal changes in Asian American identity since publication of Lee's last book 20 years ago.
A DELIVERYMAN whose driverless van careered down a hill, killing a pedestrian, has been found not guilty of causing death by dangerous driving.
Clearing the windscreen in a pattern neat Headlight shining in a roadside pool Reflecting the cats' eyes like a silver jewel Engine drumming through the night Longing for morning and bright sunlight Travelling on the queen's highway Just to earn a weekly pay Smell of diesel on your clothes Drifting slowly up your nose Travelling on through village and town Motorways with the hammer down Mile after mile with one short stop Delivering goods to many a drop Don't curse the driver of the truck or van He's probably your local deliveryman