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Synonyms for delivery

Synonyms for delivery

the act of delivering or the condition of being delivered

extrication from danger or confinement

Synonyms for delivery

the event of giving birth

the voluntary transfer of something (title or possession) from one party to another

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Drug delivery technologies provide commercial opportunities for pharmaceutical companies by improving the chances of success for a drug development project.
86-272 does not provide guidance as to whether delivery by a company in its own vehicles will comprise a protected activity under Federal law.
He said that his personal copy, mailed about a mile from his home, varied in delivery from the next day to two weeks.
The third element required physicians to engage in the political process of negotiation regarding health care delivery.
The results were similar in analyses that included only births for which complete records were available and in analyses restricted to births that occurred at or after 40 weeks' gestation (to exclude any women who had planned a cesarean delivery at term but had undergone an emergency procedure before the scheduled date).
86-272 extends immunity to the solicitation of orders and to the shipment or delivery of the goods ordered.
Oblicore, a leading provider of service delivery management software, today announced the launch of Oblicore Guarantee(TM) 4.
Traditionally, newspaper delivery systems have been either buy-sell arrangements or delivery-for-fee systems.
This announcement follows an announcement on December 26, 2006 that pSivida entered into an exclusive negotiation period with a major global pharmaceutical company to acquire a worldwide, royalty bearing license to make, use and sell products using pSivida's drug delivery technologies.
Nasdaq:CTXS), the global leader in application delivery infrastructure, today announced a definitive agreement to acquire privately held Ardence, Inc.
David Weiner, VGX co-founder and co-author of the scientific paper, said, "Bringing together the combination of exciting Inovio technology for drug delivery with VGX's innovative technology for tumor killing provides a novel and important opportunity to attack and treat previously untreatable cancers.
While early morning, morning and end-of-day delivery times have become the standard for deliveries within the United States, importers and exporters have long had only one or two time-of-day delivery options for international air shipments.
k=arr016&x=0&y=0) says that the global market for drug delivery technology is worth in excess of US$25 billion in sales.
Inovio and RMR have agreed to collaborate in an effort to develop research prototypes into commercial grade electrodes for skin delivery as well as other novel forms of electroporation-assisted DNA delivery.