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Synonyms for delivery

Synonyms for delivery

the act of delivering or the condition of being delivered

extrication from danger or confinement

Synonyms for delivery

the event of giving birth

the voluntary transfer of something (title or possession) from one party to another

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Roadie, which is headquartered in Atlanta but operates nationally, has already made deliveries in more than 11,000 towns in America.
(DDI) to complete the customer deliveries. DDI, a third-party company, manages matters such as contact driver recruitment, payments, background checks, and accounting for drivers.
Designed to increase sales and reduce sellouts, Single Copy web reports also allows managers to track the condition of their racks with detailed rack maintenance, see detailed invoice information including signatures, and see delivery totals by sales, deliveries, returns or sellouts.
Outlining the outcome of this project, Rossouw says Imperial Logistics ' unrivalled delivery management solution has helped Pick n Pay to increase customer satisfaction through correct deliveries of online orders and timely communication.
Worldwide studies have shown that vacuum deliveries are considered as a safe method when compared with the forceps deliveries.7 On the basis of on-going research, the reintroduction of instrumental delivery will definitely find a place in emergency obstetric care.
Therefore, we thought of switching to bicycles for short distance deliveries. Bicycles are proving effective in reducing cost per delivery and we are making continuous improvement to make our system efficient yet eco-friendly.
During this period, you are able to book a maximum of two deliveries, of which only one can be booked for delivery during December 23 - 24.
Attitudes of Singaporean women toward cesarean and vaginal deliveries. Int J Gynecol Obstet.
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 20, 2014-Volvo's truck deliveries down by 5% in October 2014
Women who deliver a large infant before 40 weeks' gestation have a higher risk of shoulder dystocia than those who deliver a large infant at 40 weeks' gestation or later, according to a population-based study of all vaginal deliveries in Norway from 1969 to 2009 (n = 2,014,956).
Women who have elective cesarean deliveries before going into labor are more likely than those with spontaneous vaginal deliveries to require admission to the intensive care unit (9.9).
Many physicians think it's no big deal to schedule elective deliveries before 39 weeks' gestation--contrary to guidelines--but their minds and practices can be changed with concerted effort, according to a study at nine hospitals.
According to research findings, deliveries of human growth hormone and naloxone via hMTS patch were found to be comparable to a subcutaneous injection with regard to bioavailability and pharmacokinetic (PK) profile.
Data were obtained for 97,095 of 105,546 deliveries. The median rate of caesarean delivery was 33% with the highest rates in private hospitals (51%).
They will be able to offer a variety of pain relief methods, but it is a common finding that people who have home deliveries require less medication, possibly because they are more relaxed in their own homes.