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something that can be provided as the product of development

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Additionally, as the buyer or the seller, it is very important that your technical or operations staff do not make verbal or written commitments that indicate firm deliverables will be provided within the hours and funding provided under a T & M contract.
At a review conference in December 2001, Estonia approved of the work prepared over the past nine months and directed that the project complete it work by ensuring that where necessary deliverables be reviewed, fleshed out, and prepared for ministerial approval.
According to SOP 97-2, revenue arrangements involving multiple deliverables where standard contract accounting isn't applicable should be divided into separate units of accounting.
Dear Communicators: You have many of the skills to close this gap - if you can envision your role without tying it to specific "deliverables:" Capturing, organizing and tracking information so that others can easily communicate it, believe it, act upon it...without the need to "own" the "vehicle."
These functions include the management of deliverables; vault and version control; file security; product-structure, configuration, and process management; information distribution; and viewing.
Based on the number of Compuware shares outstanding and shares deliverable under RSUs as of October 8, 2014, holders of Compuware common stock are expected to receive approximately 0.1402 shares of Covisint common stock with respect to each outstanding share of Compuware common stock they own, and holders of RSUs are expected to receive approximately 0.1402 shares of Covisint common stock with respect to each share of Compuware common stock deliverable under the RSUs they hold at the close of business on the record date.
Our team schedule for the alpha contracting process was organized by week with responsible organizations, key milestones, and deliverables clearly identified.
In procurement under Department of Defense Small Business Innovation Research program, protest that agency's source selection was improperly based on awardee's proposal to deliver prototype is denied where agency's consideration of this factor was in accordance with solicitation's stated expectation of deliverable prototype.
* Deliverable that is expected, its deadlines, and its potential positive or negative impacts on the campus (determined in a way that is sensitive to the academic calendar and our cash-flow issues).
wfsDirect, Omaha, Neb., a premier provider of permission email marketing technologies and services, has announced that its email append database has surpassed 53 million unique and deliverable email addresses.
We contractors sometimes rationalize to ourselves that speedily produced deliverable plans and procedures--that have been made up from old documents, that is boilerplate, untailored to the present needs--might be an acceptable business practice.
However, in those instances when domestic customers may no longer require paper deliverables as an option, the total cost to maintain a unique paper deliverable system (source providers' costs to develop new content and maintain/update existing content) will be funded by only the FMS customer.
[] Deliverable: Invariably, the best tax products are those that finish off with a deliverable--like a report, an opinion letter, a set of amended returns and so forth.
In contrast with the support model, which focused on optimized spending percentages, this model centers on the creation of specific items, or deliverables. For each project, the internal suppliers and customers come to an agreement regarding funding for each deliverable.