deliver the goods

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The seller agrees to deliver the goods on board the overseas vessel at the named port of shipment, including during lighter age and during loading onto the vessel.
"When he needs to deliver the goods, he comes up trumps, and I don't expect it to be any different on Saturday.
"When he needs to deliver the goods he comes up trumps."
But now it's down to Wor Cheryl to deliver the goods all on her lonesome.
Taylor's volley only cemented a first half which looked bright for Everton, but did not deliver the goods despite shots in the 23rd and 25th minute.
KYLE LAFFERTY accused Celtic of failing to deliver the goods when it really matters after he helped Rangers clinch the Scottish Premier League title.
Hahnemann is aware of the massive expectation levels always resting on Rooney's shoulders to deliver the goods for club and country.
But the band's real strength lies in catchy rock, and both Parachute and If It's Love deliver the goods. JD
The 23-year-old, who is test and reserve driver, said: "Last week it rained three days out of four so I'm hoping for better weather because the pressure is on me to deliver the goods.
Aces boss Chris Morton used both Charlie Gjedde and Krzysztof Kasprzak for double points in a bid to keep his side in the match but Wolves were too strong and both moves failed to deliver the goods..
Perhaps he knows his future could be as bleak as his plans for our beautiful reservoir if he can't deliver the goods. Drained reservoirs can be re-filled, demolished sailing centres can rise again.
Slam poet whirlwind Gavin Katz continues to deliver the goods as a solo act in the follow-up to his debut (with former partner Rocket), Rhapsody in T.
With 150 employees and $10 million in sales for 2005, Road One relies on a combination of independent contractor-couriers and its own drivers to deliver the goods. Dealing strictly with commercial companies--such as law firms and power companies--and United Parcel Service's freight division, Road One, a regional courier service nature, is able to ship nationally.
* Spend some of your Christmas money on canned goods to donate to the local food bank, involve your children by asking them to help you shop, pack and deliver the goods.
DAVID MOYES believes misfit striker James Beattie will "deliver the goods" to pull Everton away from the relegation zone.