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remove (a security) from listing at a stock exchange

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After 10 years on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM), Metnor decided to delist from the London Stock Exchange saying it believed it was "undervalued".
Newcastle-based Metnor announced its proposal to delist on March 3, 2009 and, following shareholder approval for the proposal, the company was delisted from the London Stock Exchange last month.
Mr Hughes said: "In the case of Metnor's move off the stock market, the Mincoff Jacksons team came up with a solution that saved the company much time and expense." By establishing a matched bargain arrangement in which shareholders could trade in their shares off market, Metnor was able to persuade the requisite number of shareholders to sanction the proposal to delist.
The court denied the defendants' motion to dismiss the complaint because plaintiffs adequately alleged that the board's decision to delist was not a "valid exercise of business judgment" and lacked independence and disinterestedness for at least half the board.
With Seibu Railway and Izuhakone stocks delisted, the Seibu Railway group will no longer have a listed company.
Domestic firms that "voluntary delist" must issue a press release announcing their intention, file Form 8-K, "Current Reports," with the U.S.
If a firm fails to meet the listing requirements of its respective stock exchange, the stock exchange will effectively "involuntary delist" the firm by filing Form 25-NSE, thereby delisting the firm without its official consent.
The reasons why companies might delist from a major stock exchange are controversial, as is whether delisting sends a positive, neutral, or negative signal to markets and investors.
The increased number of companies that have delisted in recent years is cited as evidence that the rising costs of regulatory compliance are driving companies to foreign stock exchanges in an effort to escape intrusive and expensive disclosure and other legal requirements after passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX).
Other research has suggested that some firms will benefit from the decision to delist and become privately held.
(14) Research indicates that delisted firms are associated with:
We selected these questions to give readers a profile of the companies affected by the delisting process, reasons why companies delist, and information as to whether these firms continued to have their shares traded on a public exchange.
How many companies delisted from the three exchanges, and which industries were affected the most and the least?
The result is a final sample of 467 delisted firms in 2008 and 2009.
Table 1 shows a breakdown of firms by Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code, including the percentages that delisted voluntarily, involuntarily, and those that remained listed.