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remove (a security) from listing at a stock exchange

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On the other hand, the NSE can compulsorily delist a firm when it fails to meet up with post-quotation standards.
Yanzhou Coal Mining Company Limited (NYSE: YZC)(HKSE: 1171), a coal mining company in Mainland China, is planning to delist its American Depositary Shares from the New York Stock Exchange.
The bank is to delist its common stock from the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE).
There are two sets of suspended companies - some of which are operational and not trading but don't want to delist, and others that are defunct.
In December 2015, the board of directors of Orascom approved a proposal to delist the company's stock voluntarily from the EGX.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-December 21, 2015-First Federal of Northern Michigan delists stock from NASDAQ
Area of Concern was delisted, federal agencies have accelerated cleanup actions during the past five years by using Great Lakes Restoration Initiative funding.
Pulse Electronics' board of directors said it decided to delist and deregister because the savings that will benefit the company and its shareholders outweigh the advantages of continuing as a NYSE listed and SEC reporting company.
If a firm fails to meet the listing requirements of its respective stock exchange, the stock exchange will effectively "involuntary delist" the firm by filing Form 25-NSE, thereby delisting the firm without its official consent.
The management of the stock market decided on Monday to implement changes to major stock indexes starting from 1 August, and delist six companies from EGX30.
The TSX has advised ACE that if it did not voluntarily delist by September 14, 2012, the TSX would delist its common shares.
said Friday it will delist its American Depository Receipts from the New York Stock Exchange, citing low trading volume that does not justify the listing costs.
(2,3) With the cost of Canadian health care estimated by the Canadian Institute of Health Information exceeding $142 billion in 2005, (6, cited in 4) which represented a 7.7% increase from the previous year, the Ontario government used its concerns with respect to health care spending and it's legislative flexibility as policy change levers to partially deinsure (more commonly referred to as "delist") some health care services in 2004, such as physiotherapy, or completely delist some health services, such as chiropractic.
CSST did not give any specific reason for its decision to delist.