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(especially of certain salts) becoming liquid by absorbing moisture from the air

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Deliquescent dryers can be installed virtually anywhere, indoors or outdoors.
Studies by a Georgia Tech doctoral student, Lujendra Ojha, showed that the wavelength of length absorbed by these streaks relate to deliquescent chemicals, i.e., chemicals that slowly seep moisture from the atmosphere.
They are large, abstract (with distinct echoes of Rothko) and although often suffused with very subtle, deliquescent, colours, there is no hint of contrived ambiguity.
(11) A similar number of chickens will produce about 700 pounds of manure per day (plus or minus 30%), containing about 9 pounds of nitrogen gas, 7.5 pounds of phosphorus pentoxide (a powerful irritant and corrosive) and over 4 pounds of potassium oxide, a highly reactive deliquescent that reacts violently with water to produce potassium hydroxide.
Tony is even more skeptical about an individual's purchase on his or her own personal past: "the history that happens underneath our noses ought to be the clearest, and yet it's the most deliquescent" (60).
Deliquescent relative humidity of dust occurs when particulate contamination absorbs humidity.
Like her recent Window, 2013, which turned a steel Bauhaus facade into a deliquescent skein that drooped with weird menace from the ceiling, the slumped Tower is a faithful reimaging of a piece of existing architecture (right down to the window cranks), first softened and then torqued with satisfying malice.
Gleba olivaceous green wet sticky deliquescent. Stipe hollow off white spongy up to 80 mm in height A-17-20 mm in diam.
In other words, unlike Dali 's deliquescent clocks and the frozen clocks in de Chirico's streets of Angst--clocks of cosmic horror and anxiety that inveigh against Providence in a post-Nietzschean manner and confront it with an infernal universe--the clocks of the Jewish artists are the clocks of history and memory.
However, KDP crystal is fragile, soft, deliquescent, anisotropic, and sensitive to temperature change, which makes it one of the crystalline materials most difficult to fabricate [3-5].
Culture of a small fragment of a biopsy specimen onto Sabouraud dextrose agar showed vigorous growth of colonies that were consistent with "Mucorales" on the basis of both gross colony morphology (floccose or "woolly") and microscopic features of slide culture (aseptate hyaline hyphae and sporangium morphology: globose and deliquescent).
Ainsi, malgre le fait que les expatries se reclament d'une vie en marge de l'Occident, cette division sociale a tout de meme comme resultante de renforcer, aux yeux des Goanais, l'image d'un Occident deliquescent.
Through all her many emotional/nervous/mental/ psychic breakdowns, she turned to the image of water, and river and stream, as a deliquescent healing wonder.