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  • verb

Synonyms for deliquesce

to change from a solid to a liquid

Words related to deliquesce

melt away in the process of decay

Related Words

melt or become liquid by absorbing moisture from the air

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(104.) Wang, P, Zhang, D, Lu, Z, "Advantage of Super-Hydrophobic Surface as a Barrier Against Atmospheric Corrosion Induced by Salt Deliquescence." Corros.
To find the reason for such different observations in Singapore in this study, we had estimated the deliquescence relative humidity (DRH) of N[H.sub.4]N[O.sub.3] during the daytime and nighttime by using the empirical relations between temperature and DRH from Stelson and Seinfeld [53].
Ce nouveau texte qui revient en partie au texte original de creation de l'office en 1959 adapte les missions de l'ONA au contexte actuel et tente d'apporter un debut de reponse aux besoins des artisans, en particulier ceux qui ont un besoin urgent d'encadrement et d'assistance afin de ne pas perdre les competences artisanales qui quittent de plus en plus un secteur en deliquescence economique.
Une telle posture renseigne sur l'etendue de la deliquescence morale et ethique du regime algerien qui se projette encore selon les parametres doctrinaux de la guerre froide.
Les jeunes pousses de riz n'ont pour l'instant l'air que de minuscules brins d'herbe perdus dans une region en deliquescence au sud de Khartoum, mais ils symbolisent l'espoir de faire renaEtre l'un des plus vastes systemes d'irrigation du monde.
Scott: Gorz's thesis about the anticipated deliquescence of capitalism derives from Marx's cryptic comments on "general intellect." As I understand it, the thesis unfolds on the foundation of two initial propositions, both of which are entirely acceptable in so far as they go.
What's forming these tracks is the salt in the soil absorbing any available moisture in the air, a process known as deliquescence. Those water-laden salts then trickle down through the loose soil until they reach the permafrost layer below.
This may take a number of forms: self-transcendence, a standing outside of self (ex + histanai); deliquescence and fusion; engulfing embrace; quiet peace; and self-negation (la petite mort), all of which have clear counterparts only in religious visions of the end of life and the ends of life." (347) Pleasure may be intrinsically good, but sex can be truly great, producing experiences for the individual to which, outside sex, only religious visionaries, glimpsing the Divine, can possibly relate.
A sad deliquescence, like the evanescent smell of suntan lotion that recalls your first carnal experience, late August, with the ocean folding salty confections, whispering into the spiral ears of sea shells, & something more seems intimated, beyond the recreation of flesh, & light years beyond the ecstasy of sanctimony.
Car en definitive, l'existence meme de la theorie de l'abus suggere sa deliquescence, voire une defaillance dans les mecanismes de regulation des actions individuelles.
Phase changes of salts in porous materials: Crystallization, hydration and deliquescence, Construction and Building Materials 22(8): 1758-1773.