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  • verb

Synonyms for deliquesce

to change from a solid to a liquid

Words related to deliquesce

melt away in the process of decay

Related Words

melt or become liquid by absorbing moisture from the air

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In "Messages," he renders the intimacy of country ways and what is lost when they deliquesce in a few pages of stories about his aunt's shopping excursions.
As in the Chirico where objects threaten to deliquesce their thingness into the liquidity of emotional states, into pathos and despair, words, from the viewpoint of uncertainty, achieve an odd rightness of voice.
The hollow cast becomes a "true image" of the tormented and ecstatic body, often fragmented, often prone or floating, at once freed and imperiled, and always threatening to deliquesce into undifferentiated matter
But Vuillard's coquetry is even greater than Duncan's: the man in whole continues to deliquesce.
As her husband's most ardent champion, she could not allow his grandest creation to deliquesce into legend, as the world of the gods does at the conclusion of Gotterdammerung.