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Synonyms for delineation

Synonyms for delineation

a line marking and shaping the outer form of an object

the act or process of describing in lifelike imagery

Synonyms for delineation

a drawing of the outlines of forms or objects

representation by drawing or painting etc

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Among the solutions identified under the PDP 2017-2022 are complete delineation of final forest limits, including protection and production areas through legislation and the promotion of sustainable forest-based industries.
The Bersih 2.0 steering committee had said that it was 'left with no choice' but to expose the Sabah delineation report after its call on July 9 for the embargo to be lifted was ignored.
Given that the sequoia grew seasonally, each ring marks the passage of another year, and visitors can look at the approximately 260 delineations and think about what such a time span represents."
The Samson board of directors recently approved the continuation of the Powder and Green River Basin delineation program, which is expected to be finalized in March.
Mayor Sara Duterte announced during Thursday's Watershed Summit at the Grand Men Seng Hotel that the local government will fund the delineation of the critical areas, among other areas in the city's watershed.
It, therefore, recommended that 'regular mapping of shorelines is needful to avoid costly location of structures along the shore and to assist with proper boundary delineation and demarcation especially for riparian communities.'
In determining the specific limits of forestlands in the country, the previously established land classification survey lines per province with their respective technical description and maps shall be the basic data and information that will be used as reference material in undertaking the validation, assessment and delineation process.
Delineation of electoral constituencies in Sindh completed
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have become more important tool in watershed delineation. The GIS-based process of watershed delineation starts with a raster gridded data of terrain that is called Digital Elevation Model (USGS, 2013).
Since physiological information is present in ECG intervals and amplitudes, it is essential to develop delineation algorithms to obtain automatic characteristic wave peaks and boundary ECG points.
by ONA The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea of 1982 allows for the delineation of the continental shelf area of the Sultanate between 200 and 350 nautical miles from the baseline.
The Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Division of Oil and Gas received a unit plan of operations application from Hilcorp Alaska to drill a gas delineation well within the Ninilchik Unit boundary.
Wetland Indicators: A Guide to Wetland Formation, Identification, Delineation, Classification, and Mapping, 2nd Edition