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represented accurately or precisely

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FURTHER TAKE NOTICE that Lacranvey Limited intends to apply under Article 59 of the said Order for a children's certificate in respect of a part of the premises particularly delineated on the said plan.
The intergovernmental commissions delineated 1,007 km of the border.
The geological model computed by geophysical experiment delineated the thickness of crust and the subsurface structural elements i.e.
Each is delineated in terms of "performances," "essential knowledge," and "critical dispositions." The analysis stresses major deficiencies with respect to the standards as a whole and each one specifically, and offers substantive revisions.
The French Mandatory authorities delineated the border in the years following the creation of Greater Lebanon in 1920, drawing detailed maps and on-the-ground sketches of the frontier in 1934.
Rapporteur of the Permanent Committee for the UAE-Oman border, Dr Matar Hamed Al Neyadi, said 51 maps and three lists of co-ordinates would show details of the border."Despite the tough terrain of the region, teamwork among the members of the joint technical team has contributed to the achievement of this project, in a record time and at a reasonable cost," he said.The three border sectors are from east Oqaidat to Khatama Malaha, from Dibba to Al Daara and from Madha to Al Nahwa.Al Neyadi pointed out that the detailed maps would help authorities from the two countries embark upon development projects.In 2005, the UAE and Oman formally signed other maps which delineated the borders between the two countries from Umm az-Zamul, in the south, northwards to east Eqaidat.
The child, the old woman, the boy's mother and the other dream givers are carefully delineated, and the details of the gathered fragments are choice.
Haussler's group first delineated within the genome 35,000 DNA segments, most 100 to 140 base pairs long, that are nearly identical in chimpanzees, mice, and rats.
All recipes are delineated with extensive, crystal-clear step-by-step instructions.
The melodies are clearly delineated over the moving accompaniments.
On one floor, for example, artificial bamboo rods hang from the ceiling at varying angles, while a circular seating area is delineated on the floor by real planted bamboo.
Mertler (2005) indicated that assessment literacy means meeting the seven competence standards delineated by AFT, NCME, and NEA.
According to DOD and DOE officials managing these programs, agencies' roles are not well delineated and coordination could be improved.
The report delineated research needs in the area, including reproducible, validated measurement and risk assessment methods.