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Synonyms for delimit


Synonyms for delimit

Synonyms for delimit

determine the essential quality of

be opposite to


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set, mark, or draw the boundaries of something

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Ashfaq Khan, lawyer for the petitioners pertaining to Swabi district, said the ECP didn't follow the prescribed rules while delimiting constituencies and also ignored the geographic limits of constituencies.
Acknowledging that scholars disagree about the meaning of the term "modern," Livingston rightly begins by delimiting his use of it: "the premise of this text is that modern Christian thought can best be understood as beginning with the formidable changes in our world-view that were occasioned by the intellectual ferment unleashed by the scientific, philosophical and historical challenges of the Enlightenment" (2).
The 12-pot, six-speed bi-turbo lump out of the S65 kicks out a stampeding 612 horses, can hit 60 in four seconds dead and go on to a limited 155, although there is a delimiting option.
* Eliminate the delimiting date for eligible spouses and surviving spouses for benefits provided under chapter 35, title 38, United States Code.
But he says 'delimiting' taxis will lead to a rush of applications for licences - there is currently a waiting list of more than 500 - and destroy any profitability there is in the business.
Mindy Shapero's image-objects would seem to fit snugly into a West Coast tradition that stretches from John McCracken to Liz Larner; but Shapero, though a recent alumna of the USC graduate program, is a recent transplant from New York, and on closer inspection her work bears as little resemblance to the concerns of this particular region as to those delimiting the more general parameters of contemporary art.
The central hall started as a circle in plan, but became asymmetrical due to the floorwell cut in sympathy with the hall beneath, and because of the ingress of the partition delimiting the computer and earth-science rooms which break the regular classroom pattern.
'There are peak demand times in the early mornings over the weekend, and when events are taking place at the Millennium Stadium, but delimiting the number of cabs will not solve that..'
It will consider how these are reflected within the journey taken by this researcher when defining and delimiting her research question.
Principi) that Chapter 35 spouses have no delimiting date.
However, additional measures should be taken into account, such as serologic testing, refining donor history, defining at-risk locations, and delimiting malaria-endemic areas.
The essay demonstrates interconnections between Walker's intertextual (and cross-textual) references to such writers as Toomer and Hurston and her most passionate political and moral engagements, and in so doing moves beyond the delimiting parameters of realism and romance.
Justice Farooq ruled that the rules followed in the delimitation of other constituencies should be kept in view while delimiting the constituencies in question.
Justice Farooq ruled that the rules for the proportion of the population that have been followed in the delimitation of other constituencies should be kept in view while delimiting constituencies in these eight districts as well.
Islamabad -- Secretary Election Commission, Babar Yaqub Malik has said that holding of fresh elections with new delimiting constituencies was constitutional obligation after the census.