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Synonyms for delimited

having the limits or boundaries established


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Able to accept import from spreadsheets or delimited files.
Since most software vendors are reluctant to share detailed internal architectures of their products, they usually request that the present data be made available to them in ASCII delimited format or in a known database format such as Access, SQL Server, or Oracle.
The total length of not delimited sections of the border of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan makes 371.
He pioneered the technique of examining everything--plants, animals, soil, trees, and rocks--within a delimited area to understand how ecosystems worked.
In the paintings, these textures reappear as painterly passages that occupy sharply delimited planes of varying thickness.
Sent message statistic exports in delimited or XML formats, so marketers can more easily perform offline analysis of their e-mail campaign data.
Contract notice: Exploration concession delimited part of quinta da pimenteira, located in the sierra de monsanto, lisbon, and other buildings and equipment in the parque florestal de monsanto.
The conflicts will reoccur until the borders have been delimited and demarcated, Kyrgyzstan's Vice Prime Minister for Security and Border Affairs Tokon Mamytov said during the on-line conference in AKIpress on October 16.
Paolini reproposes the traditional notion of the painting as "window," as a representation of the space, codified and delimited by its surface, outline, and frame.
Information is provided in a variety formats including Excel, Delimited Text, XML, or in the form of an Access Database file, XBRL template, or an RIXML template.
Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan have delimited a 1058km length along the boundaries where the net length of the border is 1378.
This makes the photograph's top and bottom halves--the sky and all below it--virtually each other's mirror; and the limited range of color, a pale alloy of yellow, ocher, and gray, extends the feeling that nothing is clearly delimited from anything else, that there is no there here.
Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan have delimited a 1058km length along the boundaries where the total length of the border is 1378.