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Synonyms for delimit


Synonyms for delimit

Synonyms for delimit

determine the essential quality of

be opposite to


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set, mark, or draw the boundaries of something

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Nevertheless, we consider also the reversed perspective of the toxic effects of the city where, the production and reproduction of the spatial enclosing not only organize interaction, but also it intensifies/consolidates the delimitative effects of a concept of being bounded.
The basis of this observation is that both P-H and event (dis)continuation fulfill a delimitative function.
235: The force of id in VI.47.15ab is delimitative 'only': ka []m stavat ...
(26)Aorist form--Imperfect(ive) meaning (Comrie 1976: 116) viq'avi 'I was', vijeki 'I was sitting' In Russian and Ossetic, the features -dyn, -T are compatible with pre-fixations receiving an ingressive as well as a delimitative or perdurative meaning:
Mandarin's autoclassifiers are sometimes termed delimitative aspect (Li and Thompson 1981: 232).
In languages where the position of the accented syllable is fixed with respect to the word boundary, an accented syllable also acts as a cue to that boundary (in Trubetzkoy's [1969 [1939]: 27] terminology it serves a "delimitative function").
for a while' and is conventionally described as "delimitative." So attached to verbs such as tai2--`see' in Cantonese--it would translate as `take a look'.
That phonology can signal the boundaries of constituents has been well known since Trubetzkoy identified the delimitative function of phonology.