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Synonyms for delimit


Synonyms for delimit

Synonyms for delimit

determine the essential quality of

be opposite to


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set, mark, or draw the boundaries of something

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He said under article 51, 106 and 222, Chapter III of newly promulgated Act, 2017 comprising Section 17 to 22, (Rules 7 to 24) deals with delimitation of constituencies for elections to the National and Provincial Assemblies, are required to be delimited after every census.
Only seven out of the 33 probable maritime boundaries in the Gulf of Guinea have yet been delimited, so oil companies are loathe to invest in areas which have undetermined sovereignty.
He said it was an old practice to delimit constituencies with the proportion of the population.
While the court said it would not 'rule on any question of sovereignty over land territory and would not delimit any maritime boundary between the Parties' (China and the Philippines), it unequivocally declared that China had violated the Philippines' sovereign rights in its exclusive economic zone 'by (a) interfering with Philippine fishing and petroleum exploration, (b) constructing artificial islands and (c) failing to prevent Chinese fishermen from fishing in the zone.'
Deployed in poised, eccentric combinations, each paper clip or power cord helps to delimit the vectors and textures of a given area.
Sandback's use of string to delimit the space of the work of art and Serra's use of steel sculptures with no center and therefore no closure call forth the religious insights of Buddhism and Christian a-theology.
Natalegawa, took 20 years of negotiations between both countries to delimit their respective Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ)
We need to delimit a straight borderline," the parliamentarian said.
The Supreme Court on November 28 directed the ECP to delimit the existing constituencies in Karachi.
But they then wrap these three forms with a second skin to give the pavilion unity and to delimit its presence on the main boulevard.
The side wall of the block and the opposite wall delimit an incision, the blocks being provided on their lateral surface with at least one notch having a depth measured perpendicular to the lateral surface of the block and a width measured parallel to the lateral face of the block, the at least one notch at least partially making a circuit of the block about the axis XX', that is to say at least over 180 degrees.
The objective of well 31/7-3 S was to delimit the producible oil and gas reservoir in the Sognefjord formation to the northeast on the structure.
In Japanese, the word for ball is "mari," and so the artist has created a linguistic play with the Italian, which leads us to the mari, or seas, that delimit the continents.
Thus, to make their show compelling, Aldrich assistant director Richard Klein and associate curator Jessica Hough faced two imperatives: They needed to focus sharply on which themes and practices "the edge of the law" might delimit, and they had to pick very strong work.
The RFI is an opportunity for the public to provide information that will aid the department in formulating a proposal to revise these regulations which define and delimit exemptions from the Fair Labor Standards Acts minimum wage and overtime requirements for certain employees.