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Synonyms for delightful

Synonyms for delightful

giving great pleasure or delight

Synonyms for delightful

greatly pleasing or entertaining


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DeWitt delights us time after time throughout the book with a range of topics that illustrate the delightfulness of our world.
In these ways, a "physical and material delightfulness (superfluity)" can be sought "that is needful for healthy well-being everywhere." (161)
The unemployed girls would have preferred "to enjoy freely the delightfulness of the exhibition even late in the evening." (89) This example shows that living a self-determined life was an important goal for the women to realize during their stay abroad.
The director of social programs and community affairs, Ali Al-Arabi, asserted that the governorate has taken all the necessary actions to organize this festival on the second day of Eid Al-Fitr and provide all requisite games, toys, gifts, contests, folk bands in order to spread atmospheres of mirth and delightfulness for all citizens and resident expatriates.
One is made aware not of the delightfulness of paint but of its intransigence, and of the canvas not as the artist's playground but as the battlefield upon which they have fought the paint into submission.
Two letters written in the late 1820s from Boston, and three penned in the 1830s from Cuba, demonstrate what Millington wonderfully terms "'Sophia Peabody's delightfulness': her humor, her affection for her friends, her enthusiasms, her bravery in response to pain, her extraordinary gifts of observation, her ambition to meet the requirements of her imagination." Providing ample testimony of Sophia's facility with the pen, whether she was writing or sketching (see also new images of Sophia's sketches in Millington's essay and in Hall's), the letters also image for us, as Millington points out, the Boston cultural milieu in this amazing "era of soul-making," and New England in confrontation with its southern Caribbean neighbor.
The Ambassador expressed his delightfulness to celebrate this happy day with Jordanian couples who will also be celebrating their happy day this year.
Prince Edward expressed his delightfulness for visiting the Sultanate of Oman to which his country has great appreciation and respect due to its balanced policy pursued at the domestic and foreign fronts which earned it the trust and respect of world countries.
The British MPs expressed their delightfulness on the achievements and unprecedented growth made by the University in a short span of time.
Is the 'delightfulness' of Lies the best way to explain why people would be sceptics or is there actually a good rational basis for their epistemological stance?
During heavy work you need some delightfulness (sic)," she added.
"And despite the charm," Dewald continues, "the spontaneity and apparent delightfulness of much of the content of the Histories, the ultimate objective of its author ...
However the situation may turn out to be very complicated, and, in general, the question is: how do the singularities of the configuration influence the lack of delightfulness and in particular the combinatorial computation of [v.sub.d,k]?
Saint Augustine, who knew all too well his own negative impulses, defining them as "twisted and tangled knottiness" (Confessions, II, 10.18), writes: "I will certainly impose privation, but it is so that he will forgive me, to be pleasing in His eyes, that I may enjoy his delightfulness" (Sermo 400, 3, 3: PL 40, 708).