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Synonyms for delightful

Synonyms for delightful

giving great pleasure or delight

Synonyms for delightful

greatly pleasing or entertaining


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But Jacob had other worries when we met in a delightfully old-fashioned Birmingham hotel at his party conference last week.
This is a thoroughly enjoyable, delightfully honest movie, with a smattering of brilliantly witty lines.
Delightfully finished off a two-mile-six-furlong handicap hurdle better than most, and only went down by two lengths to Forty Crown.
The new range of Thorntons sharing bags and pouches is available now in seven varieties and features sumptuous flavours such as: new Delightfully Soft Caramels, Toffi-Chocs and Chunky Chocolate Jumbles pouches - full of delicious fudge, raisins and toffees balls all smothered in milk chocolate.
I had a wonderful lunch: the food was beautiful, the service quick, attentive and pleasant, the atmosphere was delightfully casual, yet efficient; the attention of the staff was excellent: friendly, yet unobtrusive.
Byline: James Pyman reckons Delightfully could fail to finish in the frame
The trainer and jockey teamed up with Delightfully (9-2), Banoge (3-1) and Triggerman (9-2) at the Durham track.
Carrie Underwood sat demurely on a couch and Imogen Heap wandered by in her delightfully ornate Halloween-in-February get-up.
Southern Cross" is a delightfully entertaining contemporary romance by LaVetia Poole, a gifted writer who deftly blends urban sophistication with a touch of Southern charm.
The outcome is delightfully primitive, like an archaeological excavation revealing ancient burial mounds, and it would take some effort for it to be properly habitable.
The Happy Cricket" is a delightfully entertaining 82-minute DVD production designed for young viewers ages 3 to 8.
A passionate, varied, an delightfully consumable collection.
All the dancers looked good, but outstanding performances came from the elegant Nelli Kobakhidze and sprightly Natalia Osipova in their neoclassical Seasons solos; Dmitri Gudanov as the Prince, offering true Soviet bravura; and a delightfully lyrical Yekaterina Krysanova, making her debut as Cinderella.
Kalotay's writing is lithe, her dialogue light yet believable, and her characters delightfully comprehensible and identifiable as people we know.
What I Did Wrong, Weir's long-awaited follow-up, reveals the writer's delightfully skewed voice and acute intelligence fully intact.