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Synonyms for delightful

Synonyms for delightful

giving great pleasure or delight

Synonyms for delightful

greatly pleasing or entertaining


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The consequent freshness shines through brightly (with very little tannin to get in the way) and delightfully underpins the wine's concentrated raspberry and red currant fruit, sage based depth and almost meaty supporting touches.
Summary: It features, aside from Khan in a delightfully fresh avatar, the film's other two female leads -- Amna Ilyas and Mira Sethi
An introduction to first animals and a lively celebration of a toddler's first farmyard experience, and offering delightfully rhythmical read-aloud text for the very youngest of readers that is effectively paired with gorgeously fresh artwork from Lauren Tobia, "Let's Go to the Farm!" is a delightfully entertaining picture book that is very highly recommended for family, daycare center, preschool, kindergarten, and community library collections.
Visitors to the restaurant experienced the delightfully colourful and creative cuisine prepared by the visiting chef.
This is the kind of thing which keeps delightfully old-fashioned Brexit Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg awake at night in his doublebreasted pyjamas.
green teas HIGHER LIVING GREEN TEA CHAI PS2.20 for box of 20 bags ( FIRST comes the irresistible, warming scent, and this gently-spiced tea is delightfully tasty too.
It's all rather familiar stuff but Man Up (the title suggests a raucous comedy and doesn't really indicate this is very much her story) is beautifully scripted by Tess Morris and delightfully performed by Bell and leading man Simon Pegg, who have real chemistry.
Dappled deer dance delightfully down daisy demesnes.
Peppered with delightfully scattershot humour (the full title, Crystal Fairy & The Magic Cactus And 2012, gives a hint to its wackiness), it also has a vaguely serious side, though it is best remembered for Cera's drug-fuelled antics and Hoffmann's naked yoga out in the desert.
Delightfully finished off a two-mile-six-furlong handicap hurdle better than most, and only went down by two lengths to Forty Crown.
The new range of Thorntons sharing bags and pouches is available now in seven varieties and features sumptuous flavours such as: new Delightfully Soft Caramels, Toffi-Chocs and Chunky Chocolate Jumbles pouches - full of delicious fudge, raisins and toffees balls all smothered in milk chocolate.
I had a wonderful lunch: the food was beautiful, the service quick, attentive and pleasant, the atmosphere was delightfully casual, yet efficient; the attention of the staff was excellent: friendly, yet unobtrusive.
Byline: James Pyman reckons Delightfully could fail to finish in the frame
The trainer and jockey teamed up with Delightfully (9-2), Banoge (3-1) and Triggerman (9-2) at the Co Durham track.
Recall that delightfully shambolic gig at Wolverhampton's Varsity?