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Synonyms for delightful

Synonyms for delightful

giving great pleasure or delight

Synonyms for delightful

greatly pleasing or entertaining


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Knightley, what a delightful party last night; how extremely pleasant.Did you ever see such dancing?
very delightful indeed; I can say nothing less, for I suppose Miss Woodhouse and Mr.
Yes, it was delightful; and the little maiden showed the boy everything; and the Elder Tree still was fragrant, and the red flag, with the white cross, was still waving: the flag under which the old seaman in the New Booths had sailed.
It is so delightful that you should live at the cottage!
Julia was sensibly touched with his distress, and for an instant there was some regret mingled with self- satisfaction at her own candour--but then the delightful reflection soon presented itself of the gratitude of Antonio when he learnt her generous conduct, and her self-denial in favour of a man whom she had as yet never seen.--At the same time she was resolutely determined never to mention the occurrence herself--not even to her Anna.
On the other hand, Julia spent her secret hours in the delightful consciousness of having now done something that rendered her worthy of Antonio, with occasional regret that she was compelled by delicacy and love to refuse Charles so hastily as she had done.
She meant to be giving her little heart a happy flutter, and filling her with sensations of delightful self-consequence; and, misinterpreting Fanny's blushes, still thought she must be doing so when she went to her after the two first dances, and said, with a significant look, "Perhaps you can tell me why my brother goes to town to-morrow?
The anxious affection, which she was accused of having continually watched in Isabella's every look and action, had, in the course of their yesterday's party, received the delightful confession of an equal love.
Before he went to India he was too young to partake of the delightful pleasures of a man about town, and plunged into them on his return with considerable assiduity.
Come, you must own that this affair of the Thabor Bridge is delightful! It is not exactly stupidity, nor rascality...."
He has the most delightful manners of any man I ever knew of any race."
Then a most delightful smile broke over his face; he sprang up and caught her to his heart.
The new friend did not blend with the "one or two delightful people" who had been asked to meet her, and the atmosphere was one of polite bewilderment.
She rose from her seat and stood with hands outstretched towards him, her lips parted in a delightful smile, her eyes soft with happiness.
My kind friends here are most affectionately urgent with me to prolong my stay, but their hospitable and cheerful dispositions lead them too much into society for my present situation and state of mind; and I impatiently look forward to the hour when I shall be admitted into Your delightful retirement.