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This delicateness gives the photographs a nostalgic quality that never lapses into sentimentality.
Porcelain was much closer to what his drawings already showed: delicateness and airiness.
The many forms of da'wah drama in different period, societies and cultural settings represent the richness and delicateness of Islamic understanding and values within the Muslim societies across time and space.
127) The British astronomer Sir John Herschel said the same thing when he visited Paris: "The most elaborate engraving falls far short of the riches and delicateness of execution, every gradation of light and shade is given with a softness and fidelity which sets all painting at an immeasurable distance.
If you [a mother] do not raise your child at home or do not have any children, or if you do not respond to their soft emotions with delicateness and thus cause complexes in them, then no would will be able to [raise them]--not the father or anyone else.
In evocative expression, Capote, speaking as Monroe's mentor, attributes her delicateness to that of a hummingbird, impossible to be captured by anything other than a camera.
The delicateness of Zuma's ideological and political balancing act was laid bare on Friday by Ramaphosa himself, when he sounded much more like the traditional ANC -- "a disciplined force of the left.
They are the delicateness in koshary, a dish we rarely realize is built around lentils; but for the most part, lentils are ignored, almost on purpose.
Like many of Reynolds works, this is a rather small book but its size, combined with its soft cover, creates a sense of delicateness that complements the storyline.
Simple, clear and clean, the Lady Million bottle was designed by Noe Duchaufour-Lawrance and exudes all of the delicateness of a multi-faceted cut.
Whether it is the succulence of the meats featured in the speciality kebab menu, the extensive variety of awardwinning meat, vegetarian and seafood dishes, or the delicateness of the desserts, the excellence of the Asha's authentic Indian cuisine is unparalleled.
It is here that the delicateness of the situation begins to unfold and clearly reveal itself, because if HE Salva Kiir, the second man in the power hierarchy of the Sudan can only give orders to the SPLA and the SPLA half of the JIU, then it leaves him powerless in dealing with the SAF nor the SAF half of the JIU and the reverse is true with Omer al Bashir and Ali Osman Taha.
In the Andante, muted strings utter a series of sweet, sighing gestures, and under Cortese, the ensemble played with warmth and delicateness.
Wrapping the wearer with the delicateness of its designs, Sky evokes serenity through finely crafted jewels that reflect great attention to detail.