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capable of being deleted

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The vase was not valueful, and the blood stains on the carpet would be delible, so on the whole it was a woeless experience.
Spatiotemporal gait parameters were obtained by the footprint method whereby the soles of the feet were smeared with delible ink and the participants walked at their comfortable walking speeds along a 10-meter walkway covered with white paper.
Memory has curious effects: 'I am made into numberless delible editions' (37).
Paradoxically, though, it also holds the promise of a measure of permanence, for it implies that, like their ancient forebears, Ada and Inman have now become a not fully delible part of this place's story.
Afghanistan's election had problems ranging from delible ink to untrained poll workers, but those flaws did not tarnish the remarkable accomplishment of a nation, which only three years ago was under control of the oppressive Taliban, holding its first elections in four decades.
The 47-year-old, who is manager at Bell Green Community Centre, hopes Delible Footsteps will prove as popular as her first book, Bitter Sweet, which sold more than 200 copies.