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involved in or characterized by deliberation and discussion and examination

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What is now required is empirical analysis from a deliberative perspective.
Humphrey and Stears quite rightly point out that animal activists are primarily committed to their cause, and not to deliberative democratic ideals.(6) They go astray when they imply that the two are mutually exclusive.
Prior to this, the Council of Elders served as an exclusively deliberative body.
But, whilst commending the Akufo-Addo government, Parliament and all those who fought for the passage of the law, there is still a nagging issue about the deliberative process as contained in clause 13 of the bill, which was not considered before it was passed into law.
In fact, the question isn't if these soft skills' can be taught or not but how the tools and methods needed to impart them.The secret behind successful writers like Benjamin Franklin, entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, musicians like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or world-beating runners like David Rudisha isn't in their genes but deliberative practice and thinking.
Deliberative democrats conceive that public talking improves policy legitimacy and overall accountability of the democratic systems (Gutmann & Thompson 2004).
Baghdad / Nina / The House of Representatives turned its meeting into a deliberative session until the completion of the quorum.
This Review proceeds to set forth the outlines of an alternative conception of precedent that is grounded in deliberative democratic theory.
The model of intercultural deliberation that Lowe-Walker advances in his book, understood as a particular type of inclusive political dialogue, resides at the intersection of a deliberative democracy and multiculturalism, and rests on a simple idea that how we talk about an issue is as important as the issue itself.
It needs positive perception to overcome the frustrations in making friends and also deliberative belief to communicate with students in diverse background.
The second stream of consciousness, which we can call your "secondary process mind" (or your "person mind" or your "deliberative, self-conscious mind" or your "head") is the part of your mind that talks and deliberates and reflects and makes explicit claims about reality.
Evidence-informed deliberative processes (EDPs) to support priority setting for universal health coverage (UHC), as described in our editorial, (2) are well-aligned with HTAi's call for a more integrated HTA (or priority setting) framework.
Whether students with the personality and capability of deliberative beliefs and critical thinking will eagerly participating in nursing home volunteering has been a key question in sociology and philosophy field.