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He praised the interest and initiative exhibited by Indian School Muscat in conducting DELF examination in their school.
In the meantime, Delf said, the school is "getting creative," and has found space for the displaced teachers and students in other areas of the main building.
Delf then became a Managing Partner at 1picture, where his role involved consulting and implementation of visual communication at venues and major events, with clients including Juventus FC, Munich's Allianz Arena and BMW amongst others.
Brooke and her mum Claire Fox with paramedics Ian Delf and Wendy Willico
Mr Delf, 35, was riding with friends between Scots Gap and Rothbury on January 5 when the accident happened.
A public meeting in Upper Denby last year, saw a one hundred-strong crowd give almost unanimous support to the idea of local ownership and management of the Delf.
The program is not expected to cost the district much more than it already spends on nutritional services, according to Delf. "If we serve a few more breakfasts, it doesn't increase costs that much because we're not adding staff," Delf said.
Mr Delf's partner Karen Scholes gave birth to Sophie on Mother's Day this year at Newcastle's Royal Victoria Infirmary, where he was being treated.
Delf said school district officials appreciated the quick response.
District spokeswoman Kerry Delf said a drinking fountain in the library of the middle school contained high levels of lead - 122 parts per billion (PPB) - following the first sampling.
Kennedy Principal Charlie Smith referred the Register-Guard's request for comment to Kerry Delf, the district's spokeswoman.
An elevated level also was found Monday at Roosevelt Middle School in the first of two samplings, district spokewoman Kerry Delf said.
The decision to increase the size of the building was made during conversations between the school's design committee, which includes several school board members, as well as district leadership, district spokeswoman Kerry Delf said.
Now that the new schedule has been in place for a few years, the district is reviewing how well the schedule is working for students and whether any changes should be made to support student success, Delf said.
Some district phones are more than 30 years old and do not offer such now- standard features as voicemail and caller identification, district spokeswoman Kerry Delf said.