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Synonyms for deletion

the act of erasing or the condition of being erased

Synonyms for deletion

any process whereby sounds or words are left out of spoken words or phrases

(genetics) the loss or absence of one or more nucleotides from a chromosome

the omission that is made when an editorial change shortens a written passage


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the act of deleting something written or printed

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cellular component is not total, not only within a dNF (and other NF1-associated traits) (17) but also in tissues showing mosaicism for a constitutional NF1 deletion, we first checked the reliability of the qPCR assay for detecting deletions in the context of mosaicism.
Each FISH assay included normal lung tissue sections as a negative control, and sections of non-small cell lung carcinoma previously identified as carrying p16 deletion as a positive control.
DNA fragments were amplified by PCR using the following primer sets: (1) for MTND1, forward 5-GACGCCATAAAACTCTTCACC-3' and reverse 5'-ATGAG- ATTGTTTGGGCTACT-G-3'; (2) for mtDNA 4977 bp deletion, forward 5-AGTGA- AATGCCCCAACTAAATAC-3' and reverse 5-TGACCTGTTAGGG TGAGAAGA- AT-3'.
Homozygosity for the Mediterranean a-thalassemic deletion (hemoglobin Barts hydrops fetalis).
11) Mizugishi described a 4-year-old boy with Williams syndrome due to an interstitial deletion of 7q11.
Four conserved deletions were shown among all HP-PRRSVs, including an adenosine deletion at position 122 in the 5'-untranslated region, a guanosine deletion at position 15,278 in the 3'untranslated region, and 2 discontinuous deletions in the NSP-2, including a single amino acid deletion at position 482 ([L.
In her study, children with a chromosome 16 DNA deletion "have a very strong drive to eat," said Farooqi, who co-led the research.
2 deletion in the subgroup of 299 subjects who had autism or developmental disorders, "a finding that was consistent with the 1% frequency observed" in the Children's Hospital cohort with autism or developmental disorders.
In some cases CAS-based hash algorithms have proven to be unreliable, causing inadvertent deletion of non-duplicated files.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is announcing significant improvement in 2017 through the deletion of all or parts of seven Superfund sites from the National Priorities List (NPL).
Alternatively, some ring chromosome formations are complex rearrangements leading to concurrent deletion and contiguous duplication such as this case.
The most common deletion reported in alpha thalassemia in Pakistani population was -a3.