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Synonyms for delete

Synonyms for delete

to remove or invalidate by or as if by running a line through or wiping clean

Synonyms for delete

wipe out digitally or magnetically recorded information

cut or eliminate

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The delete min operation gives the twopass algorithm its name.
According to Google, both the audio and text entry is removed when a person deletes that data.
In a series of tweets, the whistleblower informed that the 'Recipient Limit' change in order to ensure that all members of a conversation receive the revoke request for a message within a designated time limit, in order to delete the message, wrote Indian Express.
Others are promoting the idea that anyone who deletes their Twitter histories must have something to hide.
"Once seven minutes have passed, there is no way to delete messages for everyone," Facebook-owned WhatsApp had said in its updated FAQ.
has been involved since Delete Blood Cancer's inception over 20 years ago, playing an instrumental role in recruiting bone marrow donors for patients with blood cancer.
Faced with the shame yesterday of his photo album entitled "lads in class" circulating on the web, alongside images of him dressed up in Army gear in his kitchen, 18-year-old Niall tweeted: "had some good craic back then!" Delete. Delete.
Joseph Bonneau, an American member of the research team, told AFP: "When you delete a photo, many of the sites don't actively remove it, they basically just wait for it to be overwritten.
This is becoming a very real problem - as businesses they have two battles to contend with if they are to effectively delete data from PCs.
Revises DFARS text on the acquisition of telecommunications services to update terminology, delete obsolete text, and add text addressing DoD's authority to enter into contracts for telecommunications resources.
Think hitting the "delete" button has purged that e-mail forever?
a Even after you delete a file and empty your trash or recycle bin, the data remains on your hard drive until another piece of data overwrites it.
The company also sells software it developed to manage e-mail and to delete unwanted data.
Delete or mutate both copies, however, and the cell is in trouble.
Twitter now allows users to delete messages from their inbox only, but what Saini found was that even when both users had deleted a message from their respective inboxes, Twitter still held onto a copy for years.