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Synonyms for delegating

authorizing subordinates to make certain decisions

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Delegating decisions is giving authority to a person to act in one's place or in one's behalf.
Notice that by delegating, player 1 now avoids a situation with asymmetric information in stage 3, where he has to compete against a better informed delegate of player 2.
Prior to delegating a task or administration of a drug, a PA must determine that the task or drug is appropriate for the patient and that the person to whom the delegation is to be made can safely perform the task or administer the drug.
In others, the project was one that no one wanted, and "delegating" was simply the term used to dump it on someone else.
She opted for the latter and began delegating tasks to the 12 new employees she hired to tackle the project.
This column explores the art of delegating and how to assess your skills in this key management area.
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