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According to a recent study, TOF scans can help to improve lung and liver lesion delectability. In the study, the improvement was more pronounced in heavy patients.
True Confections certainly delivers that delectability." LISA ZEIDNER
The linear range of delectability that obeys Lambert Beer's Law is dependent on the compound analyzed and detector used.
We agreed to differ on the delectability (or otherwise) of preserved squid and ox tripe, both of which I'm sure had been cooked beautifully by the kitchen.
Let's just be thankful for the dawn of the entente nucleaire, and for the added bonus that it was sealed by a chanteuse of rare delectability - and I'm not talking about Gordon Brown.
During this holiday season, come together with your family and friends to celebrate the season with the delectability of the offerings on these pages.
For example, the binding reagents used, the experimental conditions, and nonspecific binding are all crucial to the sensitivity of the immunoassay, in addition to the delectability of the label (9, 34).
But traditional silky delectability? Definitely--and though it's rich, it shows decidedly more restraint with the cream.