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Delayed endolymphatic hydrops is an uncommon disorder in which the patient develops a hydrops many years after a sudden hearing loss of viral origin.
Diagnoses in patients with a peripheral vestibular disorder (n = 121) Diagnosis n (%) Metabolic vestibular disorder 43 (35.5) Unilateral or bilateral reduced vestibular responses 33 (27.3) Meniere disease 16 (13.2) Cervical syndrome 9 (7.4) Perilymphatic fistula 7 (5.8) Trauma 3 (2.5) Delayed endolymphatic hydrops 2 (1.7) Autoimmune hearing loss 2 (1.7) Glomus tympanicus tumor 1 (0.8) McCabe syndrome 1 (0.8) Panic syndrome 1 (0.8) Benign paroxysmal postural vertigo 1 (0.8) Toxic labyrinthitis 1 (0.8) Sudden deafness and vertigo 1 (0.8) Table 4.
Blunt trauma to the head can cause persistent problems with dizziness and balance via a variety of vestibular system problems such as labyrinthine concussion, rupture of the round window membrane, delayed endolymphatic hydrops, and benign paroxysmal positional vertigo due to canalolithiasis [13].
Delayed endolymphatic hydrops syndrome after heavy exposure to impulse noise.
Delayed endolymphatic hydrops (DEH) differs from Meniere's disease in that it occurs in pre-existing ear pathology in patients who have a profound unilateral or total deafness that was caused by infection, trauma, or unknown causes during childhood or adulthood.