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Synonyms for delay

Synonyms for delay

to cause to be later or slower than expected or desired

to go or move slowly so that progress is hindered

the act of putting off or the condition of being put off

the condition or fact of being made late or slow

Synonyms for delay

References in classic literature ?
On the other hand, he felt that these delays would irritate that impatient monarch beyond measure.
Marianne's ideas were still, at intervals, fixed incoherently on her mother, and whenever she mentioned her name, it gave a pang to the heart of poor Elinor, who, reproaching herself for having trifled with so many days of illness, and wretched for some immediate relief, fancied that all relief might soon be in vain, that every thing had been delayed too long, and pictured to herself her suffering mother arriving too late to see this darling child, or to see her rational.
So I write at once, knowing that good chances are often lost through needless delay.
Emily's eager nature was depressed and irritated by the prospect of delay. Mrs.
Determinations which awarded potentially inaccurate EOT entitlements would cause disputes, particularly in circumstances where it is arguable that other methods of delay analysis may be more appropriate.
It is known that the large group delay is usually found near a resonance of the structure.
Mechanical issues have also been found to be a major reason airlines do cancel or delay flights.
Eastern Airways had an average delay of 12.8 minutes, and Flybe 11.7 minutes.
The reasons behind the first delay may be late recognition of the situation, the enormous hospital bills, fear of the hospital check-up or lack an appropriate decision maker.
-The Thursday before Memorial Day is the best day to travel, with average flight delay times that are 50 percent shorter than delays on other Thursdays in May.
Passengers delayed by 15 minutes will not be eligible for compensation, but a delay of between 15 and 29 minutes entitles customers to compensation of up to 25%.
New analysis examines the delay times for every one of hundreds of thousands of flights over the past two years.
London has average On average, the 281,710 flights that took off from Gatwick in 2017 experienced a delay of 19 minutes each.
City airport shortest FLIGHT delays Meanwhile, Belfast City had an average delay of 11 minutes, compared to the 12 minute delays experienced by passengers at Bournemouth, Newcastle, and Heathrow airports.