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(NYSE: GHC) has acquired Group Dekko, a Garrett, Indiana-based manufacturer of electrical solutions for applications, the company said.
Edwards, VP of systems for Group Dekko, a provider of workplace LED lighting,
Have a dekko at the Santoku range on www.chef w -f
Not wishing to intrude, we stayed away from the set but Urja couldn't resist inching closer for a dekko of her favourite movie star!
(2.) Pauli GH and Takeguchi CA, Irradiation of Foods - An FDA Perspective: Food Reviews International, Marcel Dekko; Inc.,1986, 88
According to reports, the 'The Social Network' actor bought the stake in Dekko, a reality platform, which is set to go live at the end of the summer.
The new assortment includes 21 patterns, designed in Gates' California studio, many of which are instantly recognizable, such as Anna, Dekko, Grace, Hailey and Chloe.
It is going to be released only next summer, but you can get an exclusive dekko at Penguin's Spring Fever.
So it's up the dancers for you my lad, and don't you scraige your knee, Take a dekko on the way up, and mek sure the kids are in kip.
"...I turned my head slightly and took a sly dekko through the glasses..."
He is said to have told friends that he was "going down to take a dekko at the Russian bottoms" for which he would earn 60 guineas.
9), Ms Greer recounts how she traveled atop a double-decker bus to get a quick dekko at the phenomenon everyone's talking about.
Mr Paskey, who was thought to have been the pilot, was a director of craft materials company Dekko Exclusive Gifts, of Strawberry Lane Industrial Estate, Willenhall.