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in a dejected manner

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He spoke so dejectedly that for a moment Elizabeth weakened, but only for an instant.
He looked dejectedly round, and slunk away; and, as he reached the door, the titterings of the paupers broke into a shrill chuckle of irrepressible delight.
But, when his nephew, leaning an elbow on the table, covered his eyes thoughtfully and dejectedly with his hand, the fine mask looked at him sideways with a stronger concentration of keenness, closeness, and dislike, than was comportable with its wearer's assumption of indifference.
Pigling Bland went on alone dejectedly; he came to cross-roads and a sign-post--"To Market Town,
The gloomy gardener happened to be ill in bed, and the assistant was at vespers-- as Lutheran Germany calls afternoon tea or its equivalent-- so the nurse filled up the holes as well as she could with mould, burying the crushed and mangled roses, cheated for ever of their hopes of summer glory, and I stood by looking on dejectedly. The June baby, who is two feet square and valiant beyond her size and years, seized a stick much bigger than herself and went after the cows, the cowherd being nowhere to be seen.
Raoul walked away, dejectedly, to the graveyard in which the church stood and was indeed alone among the tombs, reading the inscriptions; but, when he turned behind the apse, he was suddenly struck by the dazzling note of the flowers that straggled over the white ground.
"I do not know, sir," he said dejectedly, "you will see; my wife is sitting with her.
They must give us what we came to invest here, because we have invested a lot here," Mr Thumbi said dejectedly.
Just before the break, Dave Carson, who was with Morpeth Town last season, dejectedly limped off, only later to appear on crutches.
We could actually start to look forward to a traditional British summer of heroic Wimbledon failures, disappointment with the cricket and an English football team trailing dejectedly home from a World Cup campaign.
As the last round approached Ngema, who looked fresh the entire match looked to have done enough to take the belt and as expected when the final bell sounded his coach rushed out of his corner to hoist him aloft while Babui dejectedly waited for the judges' scorecard to be read.
'The whole team of the PTI will walk dejectedly back to the pavilion well before 50 overs.' He claimed that PM Khan has pushed the country towards worst crisis.
SINGER R Kelly stared dejectedly at the floor in court yesterday as a series of "disturbing" sex assault charges on four women - including three teenage girls - was read out.
Then, feeling tired and sad, he dejectedly hiccups beside a nearby stream.