deja vu

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the experience of thinking that a new situation had occurred before

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Deja vu may occur when specific aspects of a current situation resemble certain aspects of previously occurring situations.
She sent a response to Deja vu saying some paragraphs in the article had been taken "without due reference to the authors which is a clear miscontinued take.
Deja Vu plays to its strengths: Scott's directorial brio and Washington's likeability as a good man living on the edge.
A team at the University of Leeds is testing the theory that deja vu is caused by a faulty memory process.
IG - Deja vu 2002 (A Farrell, A Lam, B Dallas & K Radlinski special): 65-69 5pts successful place kick, 10 drop goal, A Lam drop goal, Dallas scores first try, Radlinski wins Lance Todd, 15 Lance Todd Trophy winner, 20pts try, 50 Wigan win Challenge Cup.
The unretouched photographs in Juke Joint possess the magical and hypnotic power of being able to transport one's imagination to places the eyes may have never seen, but recall with a faint sense of deja vu.
Carol has a series of deja vu incidents revealing scenes and characters she will soon see and experience.
TO ENFORCE Spokane County; Washington's dreaded Cabaret Ordinance, local cops mounted a sting operation in August that led to the arrest of five strippers and the manager of the Deja Vu strip club on misdemeanor charges.
Watching Bush the younger sign on with the Northern Alliance to rid Afghanistan of the dread Taliban inspires an awful deja vu (and inevitable comparisons to a certain lady who swallowed a fly).
While taking a dip in the pool, you may experience a hint of deja vu but don't be startled.
Scary Movie 2 (July 4), Jurassic Park 3 (July 18), Rush Hour 2 (August 3), American Pie 2 (August 10): It's like deja vu all over again.
So, we wonder, is this deja vu or a cooperative set-up with the DA?
WARWICK's Deja Vu PC rally team hope to continue their run of back to back wins tonight at the final round of the National Rallysprint Championship at Silverstone.
For them, it's "like deja vu all over again" as Yogi Berra said: a similar battle over Fully Alive, the bishops' approved sex education program which came under fire in 1987 and following years, is now being revisited.