deja vu

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the experience of thinking that a new situation had occurred before

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The district collector had given permission for agri purpose and Deja Vu Farms constructed a bungalow.
It's a tribute to its success that what would have been classed as disco back in the 1970s would pass as pop now and Deja Vu aims squarely at that market with a dozen hook-filled songs, any one of which - with the exception of the funky instrumental 74 is the new 24 - could be picked as singles.
Nikki longs to trust Mike, but with an overwhelming feeling of deja vu, Nikki's fear propels her into discoveries of betrayals and underworld connections that will send her running for her life again.
In controversial topics such as these, it is important to remember that Deja Vu is a tool like any other.
Por eso, porque tengo la sensacion de que esta atmosfera ya la vivi, me siento en un deja vu.
En esa curva media (1871-1945) es donde nace el deja vu.
Deja vu may occur when specific aspects of a current situation resemble certain aspects of previously occurring situations.
Deja Vu opens with what Huber and Peranson call "a nine-minute bravura sequence of dialogue-free 'pure cinema,'" in which 543, women and children are killed in act of terrorism centering on a New Orleans ferry (Huber and Peranson).
One of the 74,771 articles currently pinpointed by Deja Vu is a 2006 paper by Ebtekar on cytokines and air pollution published in English by the Iranian Journal of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.
But surely the greatest sense of deja vu came with the news of Delta Two's preliminary 10.
That was followed by a role opposite the inimitable Oscar-winning Denzel Washington in the suspense thriller Deja Vu.
Mark Hillberry is quite unsettled with recent experiences of deja vu and the man in the black suit.
And, of course, you'll find some creative pasta-based options and stove-top dishes, including Lickety-Split Burger Hash and Deja vu Sloppy Joes.
Deja Vu appropriates the loopy science of Minority Report and Back To The Future, and grafts it onto a thriller about a tenacious cop hunting the terrorist responsible for an explosion on a New Orleans ferry.