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Synonyms for deist

a person who believes that God created the universe and then abandoned it


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of or relating to deism


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It's as dependable as Oregon rain: In the weeks following our July 4 Independence Day celebration, people write in to declare that America's founders were not Christians and that they were just nature-loving deists.
Stewart claims that most and nearly all of the founders were deists who were closet pantheists and, functionally, atheists.
Specific essays and the volume as a whole argue that Baur is dependent in some way on the British Deists John Toland and Thomas Morgan, both of whom wrote over a century before Baur.
We've been occupied by the state, and its phony veneer of democratic elections," Deist, the day's first speaker, said, contending that the federal government has taken on powers the Founding Fathers never envisioned.
Most religion in America now conforms to the requirements of modern, liberal government, and the "center," if it can be found, has shifted to something that in practice (if not in name) is close to what Jefferson had in mind for his Unitarians, or what he and his fellow deists tended to call "natural religion.
Paper versions of the signature cards were on file in every branch," says Deist, "in every size and shape.
He is a deist, an altogether different disposition.
In his early life, he appears to have been a Deist, but on St.
The first section (Chaos) covers the overthrow of Aristotelian science, the development of calculus, the role of mathematical laws in the Deist model that Newton developed, and some information on the multifaceted dynamo Gottfried Liebniz, who was Newton's intellectual equal in many ways.
Once he has argued that Spinoza has a deist conception of God that undermines traditional morality, Velthuysen then makes an even more crucial point.
It appeared tome that the author was attempting to mount Jefferson as close as he could to being a Deist without being one.
As far as a child being atheist or deist by birth, one can support both sides of the question with equally convincing arguments.
In the debate over Washington's religion, Mary Thompson urges us to avoid the false choice of classifying him as a deist or as a devout Christian, suggesting that Washington's writings and behavior correspond to that of an Anglican/Episcopalian of a latitudinarian bent.
He has signed for the Deist club, from Brussels, who also include British Olympic hope Darius Knight, the England No.
John Dennis and Edmund Burke both find a sublime, not a deist, Milton in the epic.