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swift agile wolf-sized bipedal dinosaur having a large curved claw on each hind foot

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Yesterday's winner Deinonychus was trained by Leon Phillips in Spain last summer, running several times at San Sebastian before joining William Knight.
The study focuses on dromaeosaurids, a group of small predatory dinosaurs that include the famous Velociraptor and its larger relative, Deinonychus.
The raptor Deinonychus, with its mix of bird and dinosaur features, helps tell the story of how dinosaurs evolved into birds.
The researchers plunged the foot into a fresh pig carcass at speeds comparable to those expected during Deinonychus attacks.
rex is being stalked by two Deinonychus antirrhopus ``terribleclaw'' dinos in the float that will roll Monday in the Tournament of Roses Parade at Pasadena.
19th century suggestions that birds are closely related to dinosaurs were revived by John Ostrom's 1969 study of Deinonychus.
When offering a live meal to Deinonychus, the book says one should "throw them into the enclosure and look away.
We think these raptors were pack hunters because of discoveries about Deinonychus (dye-NON-ih-kus).
The display is one of Northern Ireland's biggest ever dinosaur exhibitions and has a T-Rex who stands four metres tall beside an agile Deinonychus for kids to look at.
They find Sylvia, trek across the desert, are kidnapped by nomads, chased by raptors, and teach a rogue band of Deinonychus to fish, and they do indeed discover the Hand.
Finally, guests enter the Adventure Theatre where they board a 30-seat enclosed cabin to experience a five-minute thrill ride as a family of Titanosaurs face off with a group of Deinonychus predators.
There was a surprise in the opener at Lingfield when 1-5 favourite Violet Dancer was turned over by 9-2 Deinonychus.