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Synonyms for deign



Synonyms for deign

to descend to a level considered inappropriate to one's dignity

Synonyms for deign

do something that one considers to be below one's dignity

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Why, the Scotch tunes are just like a scolding, nagging woman," Bartle went on, without deigning to notice Mr.
Soleymani boasts: Major General Qasem Soleymani (photo), the chief of the Qods Force, says the Islamic State will soon be eliminated due to the work of Iran, Iraq, Russia and Syria, not deigning to give the United States any credit at all.
But now he's a no-hoper along with everyone else deigning to wear a Lions' shirt in New Zealand.
But now they can earn up to pounds 5,000 extra a year for deigning to do the basic minimum.
I MADE a note to myself, on Wednesday, to have a good dig at Tony Blair's latest arrogance: making photographers wait for two boiling hours in the Italian sunshine before deigning to come out and pose for some holiday snaps that most of us want to see about as much as.