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Synonyms for deign



Synonyms for deign

to descend to a level considered inappropriate to one's dignity

Synonyms for deign

do something that one considers to be below one's dignity

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But, honestly, we're in a different league to those we deign to play.
I hope the Racing Channel is considering some form of promotion for those unfortunates who have been disenfranchised to ease the pain of installing a satellite dish, as there seems little reason to stick with Cable and Wireless until they deign to reinstate the service which we thought we were paying for.
rind, rigged, ridge, ride, rending, rend, redan, reading, read, ranged, rained, raid, ragged, raged, niggard, nerd, nagged, nadir, idea, grinned, grind, grid, grand, grained, grading, grade, grad, gird, garden, gander, gained, ending, edging, dreg, drain, drag, dirge, dire, dinner, ding, diner, dine, digger, deign, dear, dean, darning, darn, daring, dare, danger, dang, dagger, arid, aired, aide, aged, GARDENING SOLUTION: YESTERDAY'S
Kim Diehl's SIMPLE BLESSINGS: 14 QUILTS TO GRACE YOUR HOME (9781564775191, $27.99) is for any quilter who wants to incorporate quilts into a home deign and features an array of bed quilt, lap quilt and wall hanging projects that show how to make the most of home decor and quilt design.
ConforMIS Inc., a privately held medical device company that uses computed tomography scans and computer-aided deign technology to create custom knee implants, has received a $1.5 million loan from MassDevelopment's Emerging Technology Fund.
The clock ticks The chimes ring out Oh, happy sounds - one hour less to get through till it's time to dress You happy sleepers don't know your luck Into bed and bedclothes tuck Drift off to dreamland, only wake When the alarm goes off - it's past daybreak Thank god for books and Radio 4 World News and all before you happy sleepers deign to rise and rub restful sleep from out your eyes.
Sir Alex Ferguson might not deign to grace us hacks with his presence after routine Premier League games, but that is no reason for the supposed biggest club in the world to disrespect Martin O'Neill.
Chauffeur-driven cars for when they deign to attend meetings and four weeks' paid holidays on top of all the "jollies" we are already paying for?
It is certainly lost on a frail and vulnerable pensioner having to stay in hospital until the council deign to provide the care so desperately needed.
The controllers provide a rugged deign and are built for use in industrial environments with standard features such as a built-in operator interface, a range of communications options, expansion slots and a solid slide-and-snap mechanical interlock to expansion modules.
ME: 'Oddly enough, the vast majority of those politicians who did deign to reply were opposed to any such law.
There were several gratuitous PDF files (I accidentally clicked one and had to wait the standard half hour for Acrobat Reader to deign to open it) but, joy of joys, the text size can be varied by the user.
Ronald Witt's interpretation of humanism as a neo-classicizing stylistic and aesthetic ideal, beginning well before Petrarch with poetry and later extending to prose, is a position Levi does not even deign to mention.
Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles) Very exciting to have the Getty deign to consider, much less commission, works by contemporary artists, yet despite the generally excellent roster, "Departures" was a dud--save for Prina's Vinyl IL Museological interrogation and dirge in the guise of a musical meditation on two paintings in the Getty's collection--one that looks like a de la Tour but isn't, the other a de la Tour that looks like it's by somebody else--the referential impact of the film skids gorgeously on the third meaning, the unquantifiable fun of Prina's bright red jumpsuit, and the elegiac tonalities of his singing voice.
We, tiny bits of protoplasm in a limitless universe, deign to speak to the Creator of all this, and we expect God to return our calls!