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consider as a god or godlike

exalt to the position of a God

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In keeping away from deifying the Prophet, sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, we must also accept his death.
1:26-27's image and likeness as progression from participation in the characteristics of God's essence (for example, immortality) to participation in the characteristics of God's energies (for example, impassibility, patience); and humanity's mediatorial vocation predicated on its microcosmic nature; (3) Christ, who as the enfleshed (that is, passible) Logos is the deified and deifying corporeal bridge for the deification of all human beings, (4) the Church as a community of faith mediating grace especially through the corporeal acts of the sacraments; and (5) the Christian, especially the Christian's body--even that body's passibility--as an anagogically deifying gift of God.
of Notre Dame), who also provides an introduction describing the personal and literary relationship between the two writers, the volume is important for several reasons, most notably Bunin's attempt to rescue Chekhov's writings from distorting political and aesthetic assessments by Soviets, Russian emigres (of whom Bunin was one), and Westerners alike; Bunin's humanizing opposition to the all-too-Russian deifying cult of the writer; and Bunin's judgement that Chekhov's short stories were superior to his dramas both artistically and as critiques of modernity.
We put her on her glossy pedestal, and perhaps we should ponder the modern cult of deifying someone for nothing more than gracing the pages of a magazine or baring all for reality TV.
Geering argues that, in deifying the person Jesus, Christianity was unconsciously transferring prime importance from gods to human beings.
I do believe that you are reflecting society's larger obsession with and commitment to deifying Euro-American standards of physical beauty, desirability and, in this case, eroticism.
Once you have gotten away from mystery, you're talking about deifying your own ideas and your own agenda and acting out of your own insecurity--and that's where we are today, in some respects.
Streisand's insistence on deifying the Democratic Party and demonizing the Republican Party only serves to keep our movement in a "political ghetto." Let us not forget that Clinton not only signed DOMA but also went on to brag about it on right-wing radio stations, which helped him get reelected.
The TV documentaries, magazine covers, books and zillions of column inches deifying the Beckhams now look like con.
Regarding the Beatles, Hitchcock wrote: "They, more than perhaps anyone else, were responsible for elevating narcissistic self-absorption to the level of a cult, deifying personal and subjective feelings, and establishing self-satisfaction as the principal goal of existence."