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consider as a god or godlike

exalt to the position of a God

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"Later will come the wish to deify Diana, to make an icon out of her like Elvis, to see her as a saint and forget her foibles and weaknesses."
And David Koresh, who was obsessed with weaponry and impregnating teenaged girls, is not the kind of guy I wish people would deify. So why have I found myself identifying so powerfully with people I am quite different from, and probably even hostile to: the now-dead members of the Branch Davidians and the families and friends who survive them?
Attempts were also made to deify Confucius and to use Confucian doctrines as justification for the absolute right of emperors.
"In the aftermath of the murder of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi, as the world's accusatory gaze was transfixed on Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi monarchy has again used the Grand Mosque to defend and deify the crown prince in a manner that makes its legitimacy and control of Mecca and Medina morally troubling like never before," Fadl said.
Let us not deify anything or anyone before we come face to face with God.
Referring to Thatcher supporters who have called him out for poor taste in criticizing a deceased woman, Costello declared: "I felt I wanted to revisit the song regardless of the offence it gives to people who deify her.
Sutton Coldfield based advertising agency, WAA has appointed Deify Hughes as account director.
people deify themselves, leaving no time for family or community.
deify highly polluting personal transport, and relegate nature to fragmented island reserves.
In the regulations, it referred to 46-year-old Asahara, whose real name is Chizuo Matsumoto, and said, ''We do not deify him or see him as absolute as to justify the crimes (committed).
They are actually theistic because, on the one hand, you deify yourself for your achievements and, on the other hand, you devilify yourself when you are nonachieving.
Thus God is not God unless Satan willingly kneels and agrees to "deify his power." Throughout books one and two Satan repeatedly "wills" what is already a fact of his existence.
Hence we see that wisdom and intelligence also have been derived by men from the gods; and this explains why it was the practice of our ancestors to deify Mind, Faith, Virtue and Concord, and to set up temples to them at the public charge, and how can we consistently deny that they exist with the gods, when we worship their majestic and holy images?" (Trans.