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consider as a god or godlike

exalt to the position of a God

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Attempts were also made to deify Confucius and to use Confucian doctrines as justification for the absolute right of emperors.
Referring to Thatcher supporters who have called him out for poor taste in criticizing a deceased woman, Costello declared: "I felt I wanted to revisit the song regardless of the offence it gives to people who deify her.
But would it be too much to resist attempts to deify Aragones?
While many who would deify Ronald Reagan praise his being ``tough'' against communism and terrorism, I am thinking about the 241 Marines who were killed when their barracks were bombed in 1983.
people deify themselves, leaving no time for family or community.
deify highly polluting personal transport, and relegate nature to fragmented island reserves.
In the regulations, it referred to 46-year-old Asahara, whose real name is Chizuo Matsumoto, and said, ''We do not deify him or see him as absolute as to justify the crimes (committed).
Sutton Coldfield based advertising agency, WAA has appointed Deify Hughes as account director.
But don't deify him just because he'll have a lot of candles on his cake.
Hence we see that wisdom and intelligence also have been derived by men from the gods; and this explains why it was the practice of our ancestors to deify Mind, Faith, Virtue and Concord, and to set up temples to them at the public charge, and how can we consistently deny that they exist with the gods, when we worship their majestic and holy images?
The anonymous medieval artisans who might have worked for the greater glory of Christ, or perhaps seen themselves as conduits of Christ's creativity, are replaced by some Renaissance artists who deify themselves in their works.
Based on a play by Emily Mann, ``Execution of Justice'' is a film of many strengths, and one of them is that it doesn't condescendingly deify Milk.
The chapter on Spenser - which plausibly argues that Spenser did not mean to deify Elizabeth - is less effective in detail.
Sorry, but I won't jump on the bandwagon in this insistence to deify Michael Jordan.