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consider as a god or godlike

exalt to the position of a God

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The most interesting part of the book comes when he compares points of epistemology and evangelism between traditional religion and the deified Market, in a manner that shows surprising prescience regarding the political events that were still to come when this book was published in September 2016.
Personal details about Kim Jong Il were rarely released, allowing him to be deified among the North Korean populace.
And Schneider implies that only Naram-Sin and Shulgi were deified, though the divine determinative was much more widely used and Su-Sin had a temple dedicated to him.
Nevada (US), FEb 13 (ANI): Peabody Essex Museum (PEM) in Salem (Massachusetts, USA) is currently organizing "Faces of Devotion" exhibition showing "nearly 40 dramatic sculptures of Hindu gods, goddesses, animal spirits and deified heroes" till January 16.
But Christianity remained illegal in Japan until 1889, and even beyond that date the Japanese were officially encouraged to follow Shinto, the indigenous religion that deified the emperor.
It contains 28 peer-reviewed articles, discussing such topics as the coinage of Larissa, the later fourth century BCE coinage of Issos, the silver mint of Damascus under Demetrius III and Antiochus XII, "pseudo-mints" and small change in Italy and Sicily in the Late Republic, the early coinage of Hadrian and the deified Trajan at Rome and Alexandra, and a Roman Republican silver coin hoard from Campana.
Yet Inter continue to be deified - because they are Italian and managed by Jose Mourinho - despite a Champions League record in 2008-09 that read played eight, won two.
These action-packed, woven cinemascopic stills, which once decorated vast palace walls, were shamelessly propa-gandistic dedications to saints, monarchs (Louis XIV, in particular), and other deified beings.
Maximus the Confessor: Holy Flesh, Wholly Deified. By Adam G.
Their inability to handle animals, either because they were deified or reviled, meant the contract went to a Korean shipyard.
He receives immense strength, command over wolves, and the ability to see through the eyes of ravens, and embarks on a bloody trek from chieftan to deified ruler of a new barbarian race.
The dual effect of the deified creature's being brought to the Father is therefore not only a psychic transformation but a physical incorruptibility and integrity as well.
According to recent reports, lesbians are routinely deified services from clinics nationwide that either explicitly refuse to serve them or, more subtly, serve only women who are married--to men.
No surprises there, then, except that the Polynesian deities were deified human ancestors rather than gods; not ideals but sources of protection, power and wealth--those who sacrificed to their ancestors received from them in return.
Our presidential holy trinity, Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln, are deified in soaring temples of marble and towers of granite.